Thursday, March 04, 2010

SEC Seeding Scenarios

Ignore what I said below about the auburn game being for the W4 sede, it's actually a lot more complicated than that. Obviously, if auburn beats us then they are the 4 sede and we are the 5, but obviously we don't want to lose to auburn. If we win Saturday, then we are tied with auburn for 4th. Here are the SEC tie-breakers:

For a two-team tie:
1. head-to-head; 2. division record (10 games); 3. record vs. No. 1 team in division proceeding through the No. 6 team if necessary; 4. non-division record (6 games); 5. record vs. No. 1 team in the opposite division proceeding through the No. 6 team if necessary; 6. coin flip by the Commissioner.

If we beat auburn Saturday, we will still be deadlocked through the first 4 tiebreakers, so that brings us to number 5: record vs No.1 team in the East. Their one win came against UGA, whereas our one win came against South Carolina. South Carolina and UGA are currently tied for 5th in the East. So, if South Carolina finished ahead of UGA, then we would be the 4th sede, whereas auburn would be the 4th sede if UGA takes the 5th spot.

Georgia plays @LSU this weekend while South Carolina is at Vanderbilt. Obviously one would expect UGA to win and SC to lose, thus giving UGA the E5 sede and us the W5 sede, which frankly would be my preference both from a travelling to Nashville perspective and an avoiding Kentucky in the 2nd round perspective. Of course, we would have a much tougher opponent in Florida in the first round.

For the sake of argument, lets assume that USC and UGA either both win or both lose this weekend. They split the head to head, so we go to division record. If both teams win Saturday, then they will both be 4-6 against the East, but South Carolina would get the #5 sede due to their win over Kentucky, putting us in the 4 spot. If both teams lose, UGA will have a better record against the East giving auburn the 4 sede and putting us at the 5th sede. So, if I have figured this correctly, if we win and South Carolina wins, then we are the 4 sede, but any other scenario and we will be the 5. Clear as mud?


bobbyjack said...

Damn... that even more complicated than my FFL tiebreaker 2 years ago... where I had to go to a pool of common opponents to determine the wildcard teams.

I'd rather play UGA/SC lite in a neutral site game than UF... that's all I gotta say about that.

GumpW said...

JUST WIN SATURDAY! Positive end to regular season. Then show up and play hard in Nashville however the chips fall.