Wednesday, March 10, 2010

South Carolina stats pack II... the SECT edition.

Didn't we just play them last week (g)?


After losing to us at home, South Carolina went on the road and beat Vanderbilt to complete their up and down SEC season and claim the 5th seed in the East... which I'm glad for as I'd rather play them than UGA.

Prediction- Stop Downey from going off and I think we win going away. Defend the 3 ball and make them attempt to play inside with us. As small as we are, we are giants compared to the Gamecocks. Establish Hines and Knox (did I just say that?) inside, let Torrance penetrate and hope that Davis and Brock can help us out from the outside. I say most of those things happen and we play again on Friday. Bama by 8.

Game time is noon CST (1PM EST). I'll have to sneak away from my day job to catch it on the innernets.

Since I was sooo good at predicting the SECT last year I'll go ahead and predict again. Gamblers, write this down and do the opposite.


Bama over SC Lite
Tennessee over LSwho
Barn upsets Gators
UGA over Ar-Kansas

Bama over Kentucky
Ole Miss over Tennessee
$tate over the Barn
Vandy over UGA

Ole Miss over Bama
Vandy over $tate


Ole Miss over Vandy to win the SECT


MSmilie said...

Bama over Kentucky? Looks like Bobby's been hitting the sauce again. :) I dig your belief system, but there's no way.

My picks:

South Carolina over Bama (i hope i'm wrong)
Tennessee over LSU
Florida over Auburn
Arkansas over Georgia

Kentucky over South Carolina
Ole Miss over Tennessee
Florida over Mississippi State
Vanderbilt over Arkansas

Ole Miss over Kentucky
Vanderbilt over Florida

Vanderbilt over Ole Miss

bobbyjack said...

I say UK treats tomorrow's game as a scrimmage. Play well for a half then pack it in... at least that is my logic behind it. :)