Friday, March 12, 2010

Too much Wall, Kentucky too much.. Bama takes the fall

... good effort by the guys in Crimson, but in the end talent won out. Wall had his way in the 2nd half penetrating the soft center of our defense. We still managed to keep it close, and didn't give up when the Wildcats extended their lead to 10 (promptly ran a 6-0 run back at them).

Next up... MAYBE the NIT. I say maybe as a lot of mid majors regular season champs are falling in their conference tourneys. We'll see.

If this is the last game this season, I think we should thank Torrance for suffering through 4 years here. He got the payoff this year and shined. We'll miss him on the roster next season.

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39 Steps said...

I'm proud of our guys.