Friday, March 19, 2010

Wanted: HC that can bring program back to respect

Open jobs so far:

St John's
Seton Hall

I think the pressure GA Tech is putting on Hewitt will give him an out to St John's. He'd be a good fit there.

Oregon is going to go after Few at Gonzaga and probably get him. I can't see Few turning down that Nike money and with that state of the art arena opening up, it'll bring in some top notch talent.

Iowa is looking for a HC with HC experience, but their last one had that and took them even further back than Alford did so IMO they should look at a high ranking assistant at a big school instead.

Seton Hall will get some retread and continue to be a bottom tier Big East school. Unless they find an assistant that can come in and clean house they'll be what they've been for most of the last 15 years... at best mediocre.


DJC said...

Few has had plenty of chances to move on to bigger money and turned them all down. It would make sense, but it's one of those situations where "If he were going to leave Gonzaga, he already would have done so." I think he's one of the best coaches in the nation, but I don't think he wants to leave the Zags, for whatever reason.

Hoot30 said...

Has anyone seen the blog on CBS about Tubby going to the Barn?

Finebammer said...

Yup. Tubby to Auburn. He'd be a fool to go there but I've seen stupider (word?) things.

bobbyjack said...

Few's ties to Oregon make it more enticing. If he turns this one down then he's Gonzaga 4 life.

Tubby Smith to Auburn... I read that and laughed. They should target another ex-UK coach... Gillispie. He's fit in there nicely... and leave them once he took them to the NCAA.

MSmilie said...

If St. John's is smart, they will go after Pitino. The rumor is he might want to leave Louisville. With his New York connections, I've always wondered why he hasn't ended up at St. John's.

Tubby Smith to Auburn seems wrong. I don't buy it. He's got it made at Minnesota. That team would have been a lot stronger this year if a few freshmen had not flaked out on him.

Auburn's best bet is to grab an up-and-comer. If I was them, I'd look at Donnie Jones at Marshall. He's a former Donovan assistant who has improved Marshall every season he's been there.

39 Steps said...

Donnie Jones is the wrong ethnicity for the tiggers at this time.