Monday, April 26, 2010

Justin Knox- GONE from the basketball team

... another big man leaves... inexplicably. Waiting for verification... will post link when I get one.

On his way to UAB it seems.

The link


Anonymous said...

The only disturbing part was this:

"Grant said he was "taken off guard" by the news..."

MSmilie said...

No idea what is prompting Justin to do this, particularly since he seemed to finally be buying in by the end of last season. Oh well, best of luck to him.

Personally, and I may be alone here, I think this hurts the same way Coleman leaving last season hurt. I expected Knox to possibly start with Green in the frontcourt. Now, who knows, I guess Jemison has a leg up with his experience. And I certainly think he's a better offensive option than Hines. Jason Carter will also have to grow up quicker than I'm sure Grant and his staff wanted.

Well, the only positive is this might open up the spot needed to lure Cothron into the fold.

Another interesting item was Pettway being demoted (is that fair to say?) to Director of Basketball Operations while Pujol was promoted to full-time assistant. Anyone else have thoughts about this?

bobbyjack said...

I think AP should get his resume updated... it is a demotion. AP would be wise to find another school to gain experience at. He's not going to get that here anymore.

DJC said...

We are still recruiting Marcus Thornton, a 6'7 215 lbs PF from Atlanta who is rated a 3 star by rivals. He's also looking at the 2 Georgia schools and Kentucky. He was previously signed with Clemson but got his release when Purnell left. Perhaps Justin leaving will open up a spot for him, I just don't see us getting Cothron at this point.

I was disappointed to hear about Pettway's demotion. Perhaps Grant is just more comfortable working with Pujol from their time at VCU. It could be a reaction to us missing out on a couple of players that Pettway was recruiting. Coach Grant and Pettway likely do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. I like Pettway, but keeping members from the old staff rarely works out well.

39 Steps said...

Rumor reported on another (reputable) site of a possible rules violation by a leading scorer on the team.

39 Steps said...

I'm confused about the Pettway situation.

Is he our recruiting Ace or isn't he?

At first, I thought this move might give him more time to shmooze with the AAU crowd.

But if he's considered a liability in recruiting, this may be an effort to encourage him to look elsewhere for employment.

Someone who knows, fill me in!

Alias said...

Pujol and Grant have known each other since their high school days. They both played basketball in the Miami area. Someone surmised on another site that Grant initially asked Pujol to be Director of Basketball Operations so he actually could be in touch with the team during the off season. According to that person's take, rather than Pett taking a demotion now, Pujol took an effective demotion the first year of his contract for the good of the program and in support of his head coach and mentor.