Thursday, April 22, 2010

NCAA tournament expands to 68 teams

Every game will be televised live. I can live with that, it's much better than going to 96 as was discussed. link


bobbyjack said...

I didn't mind the possibility of 96 teams. It made financial sense as the NIT is a joke.
I know, I know... in the minority on that.

DJC said...

I agree it made financial sense. It didn't make common sense, however.

MSmilie said...

Bobbyjack: Yes, you're definitely in the minority on that one.

Wow, cooler heads prevailed. While I wasn't in favor of expansion of any kind, I can live with 68. With the current format, there are two or three teams that have a legitimate beef for being left out each season (not so much this season, but last season I felt St. Mary's, San Diego State and Penn State were hosed). 96 teams was ridiculous, in my opinion. I'm glad they axed that idea....for now.