Friday, April 23, 2010

Recruiting Update: Jason Carter in the house.

Jason Carter, the 6'8 Power Forward from Houston chose Alabama over Ole Miss. This likely concludes our recruiting class, as we will now have our full allotment of 13 scholarship players. Luke Cothran has been rumored to be favoring auburn, and with us signing Carter that leads me to believe that Cothron is likely an auburn lock at this point. Also Josh Langford, who I mentioned in an earlier post, went to auburn, but I do not expect him to qualify. Of course, should we be able to land Cothron, I would imagine Ben Eblen would be encouraged to transfer. On paper, this does not appear to be a stellar class, but it is a solid class that addresses our needs. It's somewhat disappointing to miss out on both Ratliffe and likely Cothron and have to "settle" for Durant and Carter, but hopefully under Grant's coaching these guys will prove to be the better ball players. Hopefully we can win more games next year and be in better position to land some of the ridiculous in state talent that will be up for grabs with next year's recruiting class.


39 Steps said...

Roll Tide!

MSmilie said...

I'm happy to have Durant and Carter in Tuscaloosa. No doubt Grant and his staff will get the most out of them........but....with Auburn landing Langford and possibly Cothron, Tony Barbee has easily won the first round of recruiting against Grant....on paper, that is.

DJC said...

M, I can't believe I am saying this, but I am actually very concerned about auburn. They are in prime position to take over as the elite program in the state, if Barbee can handle coaching in the SEC. There is a ton of in state talent, especially in the Huntsville area where Barbee has ties. If we lose those battles next year, it's not going to be pretty.

Also, the Coach Cal and AAU connections will really help him. I am a little concerned about some things I have heard regarding Coach Grant's efforts to build relationships with AAU coaches thus far. Obviously, I'm not saying we need to take the m$u approach, but to be a competitive program in D1 basketball you have to play the game to some extent. There are ways of playing the game without openly and blatantly breaking the rules.

Alias said...

I do not like losing, especially to M$U or to api, but I'd rather lose to them than cheat. Coach Grant seems to have plugged two big holes in this signing period. Hopefully at least one of the new point guards will be able to fill that role. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Torrrance played that spot this past season, but we still need a true floor captain. Carter does not look like he will be big enough to hold his position underneath the basket against some of the league's bulkier players, but if he is smart, quick and can jump, then he can compensate.

I believe we all were pleased with the way the team played last year. If we see similar progress this year, then we do not really need to worry about api or their new coach.

Coach Grant and his staff have made it clear how important they think it is to win the in-state recruiting war first. He has a plan. Let's hope it works. If it does not work, let's hope he's more flexible and willing to learn than his immediate predecessor.


Anonymous said...

Barbee has World Wide Wes.
Grant has Antoine Pettway.
Different strokes for different folks.

Finebammer said...

Let's call a spade a spade. This sux. Grant has gotten his ass handed to him by a freshly hired auburn coach. We can sugar coat this all we want but grant has failed.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: As usual, your hyperbole is getting the best of you. Let's wait a year or two to determine the worth of these classes.

Anonymous said...

Langford not even in the Scout Top 150 players, and would be a small forward/wing in our system. All 3 of our HS players are in the Top 150. So how is Coach Grant getting embarrased? I would take Hankerson over Langford anyday.

Finebammer said...

Hyperbole, maybe. I wonder who barbee, after a full season like grant's had, is going to pick grant's pocket for?

Or maybe we'll be reduced to picking his pockets.

Maybe it's hyperbole, maybe not. But from where I sit, nobody we were recruiting was going to compete with uk or ut. Wow! We beat out ole piss for a "player".

Anybody know who uk, ut, uf are beating out players for???


MSmilie said...

Finebammer: If all you care about is bringing in 5 star recruits who leave after a year or two, go pull for UT and UK. I happen to like the fact that Grant is building for the future, not just next year.

Ask Butler if they regret not signing more 4 and 5 star guys. Hell, ask Michigan State or West Virginia or even Duke. None of those teams were bursting with NBA talent and look at the seasons they put together. NBA talent is nice, but it's not essential to being a successful COLLEGE program.

MSmilie said...

Anonymous: Langford may not have been in the top 150, but all one has to do is look at the schools that were recruiting him to know the kid was considered capable of playing at a high level. I will be surprised if he isn't a starter from day one for Barbee.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some way of knowing the truth. Explain this to me:

What happened with Cothron ? ?
Alabama was Cothron's top interest after deciding against NCState (as a life-long Roll Tide Fan), and Cothron was Alabama's top interest, so much, that it was the general consensus that he was a "lock" for the Crimson Tide.

Then all of a sudden, Alabama ends recruitment of Cothron ? ? This doesn't make sense. A rumor was that it was due to grades or eligibility... But if his grades are good enough for Lee Co Poly Inst, then why are they not good enough for The University of Alabama? We had Shawn Kemp Jr's commitment too..but I guess they are falling victim to the shiny glittery bling-bling of the new structure down there at the Barn.