Tuesday, June 01, 2010

SEC Considering Changes To Men's Basketball

Update: SEC coaches and administrators have decided not to make a decision at this time regarding changes to the seeding process for the conference tournament, therefore allowing the top two teams from the West division to earn byes for mediocre seasons.

It would have made sense to reseed since the East has owned the West the last few years (The East's top four seeds are 73-23 vs. the West division since 2006-07.....that's absurd), but obviously the Destin backdrop (at least until the oil comes ashore) provided far too many distractions for the committee to come to a consensus.

Here are the three options that were discussed:

1] Leave the tournament format as it is, rotating seeds between divisions (Terrible idea)

2] Seed 1 through 12 based on overall record. (This is the format used by the other major conferences)

3] Award byes to the top two division winners and then seed 3 through 12 based on overall record. (This is actually the best option, in my opinion)

The SEC is considering making changes to the current basketball format. The proposed changes could include scrapping the divisional set-up or, most likely, re-seeding the teams for the SEC Tournament.

Personally, I like the divisional set-up. I'm all for changes to the SEC Tournament seeding process though. I've never liked the fact that byes were given to the top two divisional teams regardless of their overall conference finish. The West division has, for the most part, benefited from the current set-up so expect some grumbling from their respective spokespeople. My advice to them is if you have a problem with that change, then your program needs to step up and stop being the doormat of the conference.

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