Saturday, June 26, 2010

$tay cla$$y M$U... $tansbury drops player 4 classes from graduating...

... now this is pretty damn low if true.

STARKVILLE — Phil Turner, a versatile player who started 27 games as a sophomore two seasons ago, said late Friday night that he was told he is no longer part of Mississippi State’s basketball team. And he wasn’t happy about it.

“I just got a letter in the mail, and that was it,” Turner said, “that my scholarship wasn’t going to be renewed.”

MSU coach Rick Stansbury didn’t return a call placed to his cell phone and didn’t return a text message late Friday. Team spokesman Gregg Ellis wouldn’t comment.

But here’s Turner’s version of events:

He said he was in Atlanta earlier this week when he got a phone call from his mother, who said a letter had arrived from Mississippi State saying his scholarship was not being renewed.

Turner chalked that up to him not taking summer classes, but his mother convinced him to call and find out for sure.

He talked to an assistant coach, who told him he wasn’t being brought back to the team.

“I was like, ‘Really?’ ” Turner said.

Turner said he spent two days attempting to get in touch with Stansbury and finally did that Friday.

“He was giving me a bunch of excuses, really,” Turner said.

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Sharper said...

Its like the guy is running a buisness

MSmilie said...

Wow, that's low. What goes around comes around, Ricky.