Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mikhail Torrance signs with Israeli pro team, Maccabi Tel Aviv

Despite going undrafted in last month's NBA draft, Mikhail Torrance will continue his basketball career in Israel after signing with Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv.

The contract is only for one year, but the team does have an option to extend his contract to 2012. Torrance will be joined on the team by fellow Crimson Tide alum, Richard Hendrix, who has also signed to play for Maccabi.

Here's hoping it works out for a guy who, by all accounts, has been a hard worker and gracious personality. If his talents had been more appreciated his first three seasons, something tells me Torrance would have left a stronger legacy at Alabama.


Alias said...

That is great news! Torrance might not get rich playing in Isreal but he still will do quite well. I have been following Hendrix through his Facebook page. He really seemed to enjoy Spain (U.S. Cyclists suggest it is the most American-friendly country in Europe) but he also seemed really excited about moving to Isreal. I wish them both the best. I wonder if they podcast their games?

bobbyjack said...

And I as thinking he'd be the mastermind in Miami. Good luck to him...