Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slow season- my 3 favorite all-time college basketball teams

1) 1989-90 UNLV: Yes, I'm aware they were getting NBA salaries, but man they were fun to watch. Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, Greg Anthony, Anderson Hunt, and George Ackles throttled just about every opponent in their path.

2) 1985-86 St John's- Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, and Bill Wennington anchored probably the greatest St John's team in history. 3 of their 4 losses that season came to Georgetown (led by Patrick Ewing).

3) 2001-02 Alabama: I know it ended with a 2nd round blowout to Kent State in the NCAAs, but the regular season was great. Looking back at that roster... man we should've done more with it. Roster

Honorable mention: 1994-95 UCLA, 1992-93 UNC, 1991-92 Duke


finebammer said...

just red the news about melvin turpin this morn,

sad deal.

the man was a 49 year security guard at uk hospital.

rip, mel.

MSmilie said...

They were unable to win a championship, but I loved watching the Fab Five at Michigan.

1993-94 Arkansas - That was a great team. Scotty Thurman, Corliss Williamson (now a coach. god, i feel old), Corey Beck, etc. I know Nolan Richardson could be a prick, but that was a fun team to watch. And if you remember, this team was ranked number one that season when it left Tuscaloosa with a 2-point loss.

1989-90 UNLV - I will also go with this team. I was just getting into basketball at this time so watching this team throttle Duke in the national championship game made a big impression on me.

bobbyjack said...

I liked that Arkansas team too... and I was at that game in T-town. If I remember correctly Caffey and Faulkner carried us.

Arkansas and UNLV had a hellacious game in early 1991 (or was it Dec 1990?). I remember watching it thinking it was a track meet as the shot clock didn't hit 20 seconds at any point in the game.

Bama Old Skol said...

Some favorite teams
Arkansas - when they first entered the SEC they played some pretty exciting ball.

Loyola Marymount late eighties - run n gun - Bo Kimble, Gathers

Illinois - 88 team - final four with Bardo, Nick Anderson - they could dunk

Princeton and Pete Carril going backdoor on Georgetown

Wimps last team at Bama - they could go

How about Game winning shoots

Elliot Washington to beat Arkansas in SEC tourn -great game

Bryce Drew of Valpo beating Ole Miss in the NCAA's

Duke's GWS against Kentucky

then some of my first games I remember are
Jordan @ NC beating Georgetown

and I think the next year NC State last second dunk over Phi Slama Jama/Houston