Friday, September 10, 2010

Huge weekend

Angelo Chol and Kedren Johnson, a pair of national top 100 players, will be on campus visiting this weekend, and taking in the Bama-Penn State football game. If you see them around, give them a Roll Tide and let them know we support basketball too. These are the types of recruits that could turn our program around in a hurry.

In unrelated news, Tennessee is about to get slammed by the NCAA. They were already snooping around due to Kiffin's football shenanigans, but now the basketball team is under the gun. Bruce Pearl took a self imposed pay cut and apparently their entire staff will be limited in off campus recruiting activities. Pearl admitted in a press conference that "he has made some very bad mistakes." Apparently, those mistakes include falsifying information to the NCAA. I will be shocked if he doesn't end up getting fired over this.


finebammer said...

"Apparently, those mistakes include falsifying information to the NCAA."

if this doesn't qualify as 'lack of institutional control', i don't know what does.

"Tennessee is about to get slammed by the NCAA."

guys, i'm telling you, i wouldn't hold my breath. self-imposed sanctions is what the ncaa loves.

i'm not an old man but i've been around long enough to know ut knows how to play their game and have been doing it for years going all the way back to the seventies. (prolly longer than that, that's just when i started paying attention)

ut has been committing murder and sanctioning themselves for jaywalking for years and the ncaa's been buying it. this looks bad, i know. but not any worse than when they were investigated during the mid-eighties around the tony robinson scandal.

tony robinson was arrested for selling coke as a side job to quarterbacking the ut football team. rumors of athletes selling complimentary tickets and working no-show jobs started floating around.

the ncaa investigated. rather than throw investigators out of their offices ala gene stallings, the ut officials held their hands throughout.

in the end, ut self-reported, self-sanctioned and the ncaa took the bait hook, line and sinker. the now defunct "sport" magazine later did a story on it and it was amazing the info they got and the names involved.

even the saintly reggie white admitted to cashing in on complimentary ticket sales to boosters.

want evidence with a little less dust on it???

think tee martin. a tennessee guaduate from mobile bought tee a tahoe while he was quarterbacking the vols to a national championship. the ncaa response???

she wasn't a booster!

yeah, this looks bad for ut.

but they've been getting out of fixes for years.

they're good at it.

bamabballer said...

4-star forward Rodney Hood is also visiting as well.

Alias said...

I know Finebammer and I have had our differences in the past, but I think he's probably spot on with this one. I'm glad to have the opportunity to agree with you, Finebammer. I only wish we were not right this time.

finebammer said...

what is old is new again.