Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LSU hoops schedule 2010-11

In glorious html.

Non conference schedule is a joke... might be one of the most pathetic ones I've seen in 20 years. If they don't win 12 of those they should get the death penalty.

I haven't paid attention to who they lost/graduated/kicked off the team/etc so my prediction for them might be a bit off. I think they're going to suck again...

Non-conference: 12-3
Conference: 4-12

I'll start blasting schedules as I find time.


MSmilie said...

LSU will most likely continue to be a rebuilding team this season so some of these games might be tougher than at first glance. Memphis has one of the best recruiting classes in thr country, South Alabama will be tough in Mobile, Houston is always solid, Wichita State is expected to contend in the Missouri Valley and road games at Rice and Virginia won't be cakewalks for this LSU team. To be fair, it's the kind of schedule this team probably needs before conference play starts.

There is little experience returning for this team aside from Storm Warren and Chris Bass. The transfer from Ole Miss, Malcolm White, should be solid, but after that this team is a mystery.

bobbyjack said...

Not impressed with TJ... he took Brady's players and won, but it doesn't look like he going in the right direction with LSU.