Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recruiting Update

Kedren Johnson chooses Vandy over us. Meanwhile Kareem Canty, a rivals top 150 player from Brooklyn is giving us strong consideration.

Things could definitely be worse. LSU has resorted to pulling players out of the band.


Alias said...

Are they really worse off than we are? At least they found a big body who might be able to run up the court 10 or 12 times per game and take up some space underneath the hoop.

Sheesh! What has become of this once proud basketball conference?

bobbyjack said...

I don't follow recruiting, but I swear that's what xCMG did with projects like Brock and Walker.

bamabballer said...

Kareem Canty has been re-classified to the 2012 class. He will do a year of prep school.