Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Know your enemy- South Alabama Jaguars

Another cupcake comes to town for hopefully a thorough butt-whipping. They haven't showed up on the road in their previous games so I'm expecting this to continue.
Season stats

Tim Williams and Martino Brock pull double digit PPG while Augustine Rubit cleans the boards at 7.4 RPG. The roster has exactly one guy over 6'6" and that guy plays (Gowins)sparingly. They pretty much suck in every aspect of the game right now.

- 37.4% FG
- 31% 3PT FG
- 62.7% FT
- -3.4 rebound margin
- -8 PPG scoring margin

Prediction: bloodshed... we should absolutely maul the Jags. We should beat them up inside, force a ton of turnovers, and run them to the ground. Bama by 32.

Game time is 12/1 around 8:30PM EST (7:30PM CST). Usual links.


Anonymous said...

The operative word is "should." We'll see which of OUR teams shows up...

DJC said...

Unrelated, but Florida Atlantic beat $tate last night. Go Owls!

MSmilie said...

South Alabama didn't play well against LSU, but they have enough good players to make this interesting if our guys don't come out strong.

Big win for Florida Atlantic and Mike Jarvis even if they did beat a team without two of its best players (Sidney and Bost are still sitting). State had been playing it close prior to that game so not a total shock they finally lost one.

bobbyjack said...

I hate Mike Jarvis with all my heart. That is all.

Alabama vacations said...

I don't know why everyone hates Mike Jarvis for ? he is damn good..