Monday, November 15, 2010

Know your enemy- Troy Trojans

They come in confident after devastating Huntington College 100-59 in their season opener. They hit 13-27 from beyond the arc in that one. I suspect CAG has preached covering the perimeter already.

Here's a link to their roster. Funny that most of their team originated somewhere else... either the JuCo route or transfer (2 from my almost alma mater UCF... which stands for U Can't Finish).

Anyways, guys to watch... Regis Huddleston and DeAndrae Ross from outside, Will Weathers at the point, and former Arkansas player Levan Patsatsia on the boards.

Prediction- A high scoring game that we pull out in the end. Troy will be tough... and while I believe we win by double digits (12) the final score will not tell how competitive this game will be.

Game time is 11/15 at 8PM EST (7PM CST). Not sure if the video feed is free or not, but feel free to use the link by the schedule to try. If not, there's always the audio streaming or you can pay.

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