Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alabama ambushes Asbury 83-60

Anthony Grant gets his 100th career victory in the process... a thorough butt kicking laid down by OUR Crimson Tide to the surfer dudes from Malibu.

Box score

We had 5 in double digits with Chris Hines pulling a double-double (10 points and 11 boards). I liked the energy of the team tonight... they really seemed to get at it. The minutes were divided up nicely with Charvez getting the most (33) which is surprising. He was 5-10 from 3 point land... the rest of the team was 2-9.

Back to back impressive wins... maybe this is a sign of things turning around? We shall see.


DJC said...

There is really not a lot more to add. We took control of the game early and maintained throughout. The second half was a little sloppy at times, and there was one stretch about midway through the 2nd half when we got beat in transition defense 4 or 5 possessions in a row. Pepperdine had been running a slow, CMG like half court "offense," then I guess Coach Asbury finally realized that was hopeless and started trying to beat us back, which they were able to do.

The team seems to be starting to develop a little chemistry. They looked like they were having a lot of fun out there. Since the 2nd half of the OK State game, JaMychal Green has been playing the best ball of his career so far. It was nice to empty the bench again.

Releford had an off night shooting, but you've got to like 6 assists and no turnovers from your starting freshman PG. Eblen even played a solid game with 4 assists and no turnovers.

Overall we played great defense, took care of the basketball, and were balanced on offense. Free throw shooting continues to be a problem.

The crowd was a little better than I expected for an 8pm Tuesday night tipoff in the middle of winter break. Probably a little over 4,000. Up next, the Toledo Rockets come in for our final non-conference tune up. Tipoff is Monday, Jan.3 at 7pm.

Anonymous said...

Having the light go on for Green is great. Too bad its so late in his career.

Anonymous said...

So Charvez is starting at SG now? Pretty good idea with our need for outside shooting but how does it affect our defense?

finebammer said...

"Back to back impressive wins..."

excuse me?!?!?

we beat two tomato cans at home at we've now lowered the bar so far down as to call these "impressive" wins???

geez louise!

you guys are gonna really cream your panties at the first sec win over anybody.

god, i think i got some of this on me. let me go shower.

DJC said...

Charez is serviceable on defense. He's not great, but he's not Justin Jonus out there either. Nevertheless, I'm not sure if he would have started if Hankerson had been available, although I think he probably should.

MSmilie said...

One thing I like is Senario has responded favorably to being brought off the bench.

My apologies for the earlier outburst. Finebammer's caustic attitude just rubs me the wrong way.

DJC: You must be happy as Stansbury's team takes one on the chin yet again. St. Mary's is a damn good basketball team though. Gonzaga is going to have to work in the WCC this year.

bobbyjack said...

Got to clean some of this up... my 4 year old is now cursing up a storm. Thanks.

Alias said...

I don't know what's more fun to read; Bama winning two games (albeit over unimpressive opponents) or sparring before FB and MS. Come on guys, were' all on the same team here.

I've been sick with a cold for about two weeks (it's hard getting old), but I made my first pilgrimage to Coleman Coliseum for Wednesday night's game. I'll claim I brought the good luck with me. It was fun to see the kids playing well and enjoying themselves. Maybe, just maybe, they are beginning to learn how to play together and can inflict some damage in the SEC.

Happy New Year and Roll Tide!

MSmilie said...

Allow me to post one more thing regarding Finebammer's comment above. This is what I should have posted to begin with, but I'm just as immature as Finebammer and am unable to express myself correctly.

Playing good basketball is playing good basketball. I don't care if it's Lipscomb and Pepperdine or a power conference team. If the team plays well, they should be credited for doing so, particularly since earlier this season they didn't play well against so called inferior competition.

Let's look at it another way. This team is undefeated at home this season. Let's compare that to other teams from the division such as Auburn and LSU who have had some godawful losses at home so far this season.

My problem with you Finebammer is that you seem to find satisfaction in railing against this team and I don't understand why. You have listed your credentials as a fan, but you have never been overly supportive of the team since I've been visiting and writing for this blog. The bottom line is you can't change who the coach or players are right now, so why not pull for them to find success where they can? If Anthony Grant is the antichrist you think he is, that will be handled in due time.

Bobbyjack's comment doesn't make the claim that this team is sec championship material. All he's doing is praising their high level of play the last two games. Hell, he's the one who thought the team would have a tougher year than last season. He's not blowing smoke.

Ultimately, this team might not accomplish much else this season. However, I've seen improvement recently (JaMychal has played great since returning from suspension, the defense has been solid while Mitchell and Releford continue to grow as players) and I think this team can continue to improve. That's a far cry from how we felt just 2-3 weeks ago.

Alias said...

Understood, MS. I don't so much doubt FB's loyalty to our program as I think he considers himeslf a bit of an agent provocateur. I tend to be more positive myself, primarily in an effort to resist my negative proclivities. I'm glad FB participates here. It's sort of like the politician's adage, "I don't care what they say about me so long as they spell my name right."

Is BobbyJack in Orlando or can we expect a post about our next opponent from him?

Roll Tide!

finebammer said...

funny, bj didn't feel the inclination to "clean things up" for his four year old until i responded.

(which is one of the reasons i responded as i did)

the problem i have with you m, is the assumptions you make of me. you've assumed, or more correctly, you assume i hate grant because he's black when nothing could be further from the truth.

m conveniently forgets the arguments he and i had in another forum about gottfried. things got especially heated when i charged gottfried with intentionally running ron steele into the ground to try and save his a.......(oops, four year olds might be reading) toukus.

i have never said anything even remotely as harsh about grant as i have about gottfried.

(and just in case any of you forgot, gottfried's a pasty white guy)

but that doesn't mean i won't if i feel the situation calls for it.

being a fan of alabama basketball for thirty years has taught me to be a realist.

and here's the reality about alabama basketball now.

grant was offered a chance to move forward by alabama. now grant you (pun intended) alabama's certainly no basketball school but we're better than vcu. grant dithered around to see if the florida job would be available.

i didn't like that.

grant's frankly a wet blanket court side. that would be fine if his coaching impressed me enough to overlook that.

it hasn't.

and his recruiting isn't impressing me either. you can list top fifty commitments till the cows come home, i've seen and heard all that before. get them on the court and get them to perform. (against kentucky)

ben eblen is a wasted scholarship. ditto jamichael green. (and I KNOW grant didn't sign him) green shows out against inferior opponents. green isn't going to carry this team to the tournament so why put up with his s**t. as i've said before, i'd had more respect for grant if he'd sent him packing after this latest suspension.

in the end, it's my sense that grant's a coaching project and i'm sick of coaching projects. the last coaching project we had took ELEVEN YEARS (and one lottery pick point guard) to be rid of.

and here's another reality for you, m.

regardless of what i think, grant's gonna get his chance. but i'm not going to lose my objectivity or handle him with kid gloves because of his race.

i'll criticise him just as i did mark gottfried or david hobbs or wimp sanderson before him or c. m. newton before him.

and if any of you don't like it there's one thing you can do about it.

and it ain't cursing me because i think i've proven i'll give as good as i get. (regardless of the selectively timed deletions) call it childish, it's just how i roll.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: Again, I don't think you're looking at this from a basketball perspective.

You could have a seasoned coach in place with this team and they would still be struggling. Maybe there would be a game or two difference, but this would still be a team with a lack of depth and overall talent.

My issue with you has been that for all of your so called objectivity, you refuse to apply it to real basketball issues. Instead you criticize the coaches demeanor on the bench or the current players. Yes, he could have booted JaMychal off the team if the situation warranted it. Do any of us know if it was that serious?

And I would disagree with you about Alabama v VCU in terms of relevancy. In the last 5 years at least, VCU has been a stronger program in my opinion.

Most great coaches start out as coaching prjects. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Gottfried was not a bad hire from the standpoint of returning the program to a competitive level after the Hobbs debacle. The problem with Gottfried is he couldn't sustain success and the university was unable or unwilling to cut him loose when it was apparent the prgram was no longer moving forward.

I don't think Anthony Grant's legacy has been set in stone one way or another yet. As I've written, the next 2-3 years will determine if Grant was the right hire. I'll eat the requisite amount of crow if you're proven right.

bobbyjack said...

The 4 yr old cursing up a storm was an exaggeration. He's probably heard worse sitting w/ me watching the Providence game. All I ask is to keep profanity off the board as there are kids that visit this place.

The next real obstacle for Grant is the M$U game. Let's see how the team performs there. It'll be a indicator if Grant made some real adjustments from OSU.... Or is this mini streak is just a mirage.