Saturday, December 04, 2010

Boilermakers bash Bama

We played them close for the first 15 minutes until we hit a Gottfried scoring drought of 7 minutes. Purdue is far superior to us and proved it the last 25.

Purdue killed us from 3... While we stunk it up. If Releford doesn't penetrate I don't know how we score. We are terrible offensively. We have no leader on the court, outside of Davis... no shooter, outside of Green (suspended)... no inside threat. I don't see it getting better come SEC play.

DJC will have a more detailed report I assume. We lose 66-47. Quite honestly I'm disgusted at how we are playing. I expected Purdue to win... But they didn't play great and still dominated.

Outside of holding them under 70 I can't think of anything we did well. I probably should've been one of those football only fans and watched Oregon-Oregon St or the 1st half of the Barn-Gamecock game.

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