Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disgusting final 5 minutes... Friars beat Tide 82-70.

We were outplayed, outcoached, out everything in the last 5 minutes of the game. Once Providence got up by 6 we decided to be a jump shooting team. NEWSFLASH- we don't have a FREAKIN' decent jump shooter. Here's an idea... they give each team timeouts to use... specifically for stopping runs. How about using one.

Box score

Up until the last 5 minutes we did a good job controlling the boards, feeding JaMychal, getting Mitchell some open shots, and defending Council. Then the floodgates opened and Green decided he was a jump shooter, Hillman fouled everything that moved, and our coaching staff watched it all without doing much of anything.

I have to say this team so far ranks up there with the 97 Hobbs team in terms of enjoyability. I feel I have to get tanked up to watch this... and if we can't compete for 40 MINUTES with a bottom 3rd Big East team what is going to happen when we get into conference play?

It's rare you see a team that can't shoot, is soft inside, and consistently burnt on the defensive end.

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Unknown said...

Matt, I appreciate the coverage. I, too, love Alabama basketball (born in 81, I have very fond memories in my early youth). Coach Grant was my number one choice, then, we got him, and I thought we'd finally landed the real deal. I know our talent is kinda weak, but seriously, given his track record at VMI and UF...what the hell? Is he just killing time until 2012-2013 to make a serious go? Does he want out??? This is killing me.