Sunday, December 19, 2010

For giggles... our RPI and tracking the teams we lost to this year

From this site we're currently #245. Damn. That's scary AUful. We have lost to #53 (OSU), 54 (Providence), 137 (St Peter's), 214 (Iowa), 95 (Seton Hall), and 48 (Purdue). Our highest RPI win was over SE Louisiana (148). That is brutal.

Oklahoma State is 10-1 with a loss to VA Tech.

Providence is 10-2 with losses @ Boston College and to LaSalle at home.

Purdue is 10-1 with a loss @ Richmond.

St Peter's is 6-4 with losses @ Robert Morris, Old Dominion, Long Beach St, and @ Seton Hall.

Iowa is 6-5 with losses to SDSU, Xavier, Long Beach State, @ Wake Forest, and Iowa State.

Seton Hall is 5-4 with losses @ Temple, Xavier, Clemson, and Arkansas.

This is purely for informational purposes.


Anonymous said...

Do we have basketball players on our team or athletes?
If we have basketball players, they should have excellent fundamentals.
If we have athletes, they should be able to press for 40 minutes.
We have neither.

bobbyjack said...

We have a little of both, but not enough of either to implement any of your scenarios.

Yeah... we're in a bad situation right now,

MSmilie said...

Not to defend Providence or anything, but their loss to La Salle was on a neutral court in Cancun.

DJC said...

The good news is the SEC West is AUful. auburn lost at home to Presbyterian College to fall to 3-7. Va Tech ran mi$$ $tate out of the gym by 30! Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. Unfortunately, $tate will get their ineligible players back in time to play us.

bobbyjack said...

Thank Mitchell. It seemed odd to lose to LaSalle at home, but my laziness stopped me from checking the PC website.

Hoot30 said...

We could lose tonight to Lipscomb. I go to a lot of Lipscomb games living here in Nashville. They have two guys in Slater and Burgason who are outstanding 3 pt. shooters. Even though Hodzic is no where near 6-8 (he's more like 6-5) he's a really outstanding scorer around the basket. He draws alot of fouls and could get whoever is guarding him in foul trouble. Look at their 2 losses. They lost to UNC by 14, but were within 3 with about 7 min. to play. This game worries me.

Alias said...

FWIW, I don't know what I would do with this team either. I am not the student of the game MSmilie, DJC and (I guess) Finebammer are. I'm just some dumb fan who never played the game but fell in love with Bama Basketball after my first or second trip to Coleman Coliseum. (It didn't hurt that two of my best friends were Vandy students at the same time. They have to be Alabama football fans.)

I do not want to replace our coaches. I believe in Coach Grant and trust him to get our program turned around and competing for championships; and I know that's his goal. We have been hard to watch this year though in the half court offense. If the coaches are as good as I think, we should be competitive before the year is out. Unfortunately we will not have a very good record because it will take so long for them to play together into form.