Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Illinois v. Oakland plays with a women's ball

Not Alabama related, but I found this incredibly unbelievable and had to share. Apparently Illinois and Oakland played the first 7 minutes of their game with a women's ball. It is amazing to me they went 7 minutes without correcting it. First of all, the referee should have noticed at tip-off. I officiate high school basketball and the first thing I do before tip off is make sure we are playing with a proper ball. Maybe because they don't have as many men's and women's games playing on the same day and court in college they don't check as closely, but still, you can immediately tell a difference when holding a women's ball. I remember playing coed intramural basketball and we had to use a lady's ball; my first shot from the top of the key nearly hit the top of the backboard. With 10 players handling the ball, one would think somebody would have said something. There is a HUGE difference in a men's and women's ball.

One of Illinois' players complained that the ball felt funny to Coach Weber, and he basically told him to "shut up and play ball." I bet there were some interesting perimeter shots at the beginning of that game.

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Anonymous said...

I coached basketball for a decade, boys and girls.
I've always thought the use of a smaller ball above the age of 12 is ridiculous.
Most girls practice at home with a boys ball anyway.
And the girls who make it past middle school BB have hands that can handle the larger ball.
In college and pros, those womens' hands are larger than mine!