Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knee surgery for Andrew Steele

I came across this information today at Tidesports. Since it factored into what I wrote yesterday and some of you commented on, I wanted to include it here.

Apparently, Andrew Steele has undergone arthroscopic surgery on both knees.

From Tidesports:

Grant, speaking at his weekly press conference on Monday, announced that forward Andrew Steele, who has not played this season because of nagging knee pain, had undergone arthroscopic surgery on both knees and would be out for an indefinite period.

“About a week and a half ago, Andrew had both knees scoped, just to make sure the doctors were not missing any possible source of the pain, and to clean some things up,” Grant said. “I don’t think they found anything major.”

It is uncertain whether Steele will be available to play this season or whether he will apply for a hardship year. Steele was a redshirt last year after injuring an ankle after seeing action in six games.

At this point it appears we will not be seeing Andrew this season, if ever. Man oh man, the bad luck with injuries for Andrew and Ron is truly amazing.

In other news: Obviously we're not the only ones discussing the amount of minutes Releford plays. In the same article at Tidesports, there was information concerning Trevor's minutes per game.

Freshman point guard Trevor Releford, who has clearly been an offensive spark for a UA team that struggles to score at times, is currently averaging 29.8 minutes per game. Grant said Monday that he was unlikely to push that number much higher.

“I’d like to keep him in that 28- to 32-minute range,” Grant said. “I think it can be dangerous to push more than that. I think Mikhail (Torrance) averaged 33 minutes last year and that’s pretty high.”

It could be Grant is trying to keep Trevor as fresh as possible throughout the season since there is no one behind him nearly as productive. Nevertheless, if the bench production doesn't improve, he may not have a choice but to play Trevor more minutes.

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