Monday, December 27, 2010

Know your enemy- Pepperdine Waves

The Waves led by former great UA assistant coach Tom Asbury is limping into Tuscaloosa with a 5-9 record. They lost their last game at home to the underrated Cal-Poly (SLO) Mustangs.

Link to their season stats.

Keion Bell leads the team with 21.8 PPG. They're mediocre from beyond the arc (33%), not so good overall (42.6%), and average only 70.3 PPG. They've got some size, but not a whole lot of skill. This should be a slaughter.

Prediction- Bama by 25. This should be treated as a scrimmage game to work out the numerous kinks in our offense. We should be able to put this one away early in the 2nd half and empty the bench.

If you want to hear the game on the internet you can listen to the Pepperdine side here. It's on TV in the CA area on CSNCA. I have no idea what channel correlates to that on DTV or Dish. Game time is 9PM EST (8PM CST) on the 28th.

Maybe after the game Asbury can get with one of our 45 assistant coaches and teach them how to develop a big man on the team.


MSmilie said...

I know I'm paranoid about every game, but Pepperdine actually has some athletes on their team who can match up well with our guys. Bell and Thompson are good players and their bench is arguably more productive than Bama's. I don't think our guys have done enough for us to assume anything at this point.

DJC said...

Charles Hankerson is out tonight recovering from minor injuries sustained in a car wreck when he was in Miami for Christmas. Andrew Steele has resumed practicing with the team, so maybe he will be back this year after all.

Anonymous said...

If WE're the home team, why did WE adjust the start time to please the Left Coast audience?

DJC said...

WE didn't do anything for the left coast. We adjusted the start time for CSS. The SE Louisiana game also started at 8 pm for the same reason. Now, whether or not we should be playing 8pm games for a small time outfit like CSS is a whole other debate.

MSmilie said...

The CSS games are carried on ESPN 3 so I think it's worth it.

DJC said...

I disagree, since ESPN3 is nothing but a website. How many people do you really think were watching on ESPN3 last night? Of course, I'm only bitching because I had to drive back to Birmingham and officiate high school tournament games starting at 9 am this morning. Normally I'm a night person and wouldn't care.