Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Know your enemy- Providence Friars

Probably one of the coolest team names on the planet... in one of the coolest town in the northeast... they come into this game 9-1 and relatively untested. This is the best start to a season they've had in a while. Before they take us on they got Boston College on Wednesday. Let's hope that one goes to 4OTs.

Big time scoring threats in Marshon Brooks and Vincent Council at 21.4 and 17.1 PPG. Other than that they have issues on the offensive end. Bilal Dixon and Brooks average 10.2 and 8.6 rebounds so we REALLY need Hines and Mitchell blocking them out as much as possible.

I'm concerned about Council. I think he'll carve us up with penetration. We don't have a guard that can man up to him.

Good news... they can't shoot from 3 worth a damn... and despite the crappy competition they're only shooting 45.7% from the field overall. The bench is thin as only 7 see the court for more than a cup of coffee.


Keys to the game (changing things up):
- get the ball out of Council's hands. I say assign Hillman to him.
- Charvez needs to have a big game shooting.
- play even on the rebound war.
- get the lead early... lead/be within 5 at halftime.
- play with some DAMN emotion.

Prediction: I blame DJC. We're 0-4 when he attends a road/neutral site game so far (I'm 0-2) and I suspect it continues. Until we find some sort of offensive identity there's no way I can call a win on the road. Friars by 12.

Game is December 11th at 2PM EST (1PM CST) on ESPNU. No excuse not to watch this... sssupport the team and let's hope I'm wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Friars by twelve...pretty damn good guess.