Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Know your enemy- SE LA Lions

The writeup from their athletic site.

The come in 5-2 coming off a huge win at Southern. They're 2-2 on the road with both of those losses coming by 20+ points (UNLV and UCF).

Link to stats

They seem to be a decent shooting team against sub par competition, but if you D up they struggle. Trent Hutchins is their offense, David Ndoumba clears the boards... that's about it for them. The Lions have 10 that average 10 MPG.

Prediction: I can't see them giving us a game. Releford should go off and Green should dominate inside. I also see a few highlight dunks in Hillman's future. Bama by 19.

The game is on ESPN3 (there is no such channel, just the internet) at 9PM EST (8PM CST). Also on the Full Court package if you want to watch it on TV.

Forgive any typos... I'm in a rush for the day job.


DJC said...

They also have a freshman named Onochie Ochie, but it looks like he doesn't play.

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