Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bama Banished Bulldogs

from their home court in The Hump!  Here's a quick summary.

Box score

The first half reminded me of the Oklahoma State game.  M$U was much bigger and more physical than any five we were able to put on the floor and the officials were allowing a great deal of physical play underneath the basket that disrupted Bama's best scoring efforts.  Bama led by one at the half.  I expected the Bulldogs to wear down the Tide with physical play in the second half, but it was M$U who eventually wilted.

We don't need to read too much into one game, but anytime you can take a game from State on their home court it's a big, big win.  It looked to me like Sidney lost his composure and probably was not in shape to play an up paced game.  He was a virtual non-factor in the second half.  The Tide has moved to primarily a half-court press this season, and that seemed to take its toll on both M$U's physical and mental composure. 

The Bama boys maintained their composure and Coach Grant stayed on top of the game,  calling a cruicial time out to keep Greene from losing his cool at what proved to be the pivitol point of the game. 

State cannot be expected to perform so casually on offense in the future, but they got almost as rattled as the Tide did a few years ago against Clemson.  The good news is that Coach Grant's approach of instilling physical and mental toughness in his players is beginning to produce fruit and the more this group plays together the better they have the chance to become. 

I'll take any win over a $lick Rick $tan$field team, but an 18 point blow out is especially sweet.  Let's hope our kids keep their heads on straight and keep doing whatever it takes to get a little bit better each and every week.

Roll Tide!


Hville said...

Man, yeah, a thorough a$$ whipping AT The Dump is always welcomed....

I'm loving it....

Anonymous said...

To say that Sidney lost his composure is to imply that he ever had it together. That guy is a ticking time bomb.

finebammer said...

this was as pathetic a msu team as i have seen in some time.

but it was still an sec road win, one over state and a blowout to boot.


alabama wins on the road at the hump and kentucky loses at athens.

armageddon anyone???

Alias said...

Alright, who stole Finebammer's password and what have you done with the real Finebammer? ;-)

Just kidding, FB. It sure is nice to win, especially at The Hump. I wonder what happened to DJC today. He evidently did not go to the game.

finebammer said...

don't believe everything said about me.

go back to my posts after the baylor game last season.

i'm an alabama basketball fan.

i hate miss. st. (over the years one of my favorite personal joys is to go to the game at coleman and scalp tickets in the state section so i can dog their asses - apologies to any four year olds out there)

i've ALWAYS said and sec road win over anybody is doing something. just ask the wildcats today. we were not supposed to win this one. grant did. mind you, it's just one game. considering how we've played pre conf., we'll likely have to win the conference championship to make the tournament. not likely but we'll see.

right now i just want to see improvement game to game. can we build on this???

did anyone notice how OLD stansbury looked yesterday???

regardless of your feelings about my occasional sarcasm, i call them like i see them BOTH ways.


bobbyjack said...

Thanks Alias for covering... sleepless baby took away from a post game report. I'll add a box score to this asswhooping :)

Releford was unstoppable. He continues to amaze me with his poise for being a true freshman. Seriously... he makes his teammates better on the court.