Monday, January 24, 2011

Current RPI and other team stats (how we stack up nationally)

According to this site, we're climbing the charts... sitting at 134 as far as the RPI is concerned. Our biggest win is over UK (13)and our worst loss is to Iowa (149) with St Peter's (145) just ahead of that. As far as quality losses are concerned, losing to Oklahoma State (40) and Purdue (11) isn't looking too bad.

There's been a lot of discussion on what ifs... like if we somehow go 12-4 in conference will we get into the NCAA Tournament. IMO it's a lock if we do. Even at 11-5 we are on the good side of the bubble provided we don't throw up a stinker in the 2nd round of the SEC tournament. Right now, we should be favored in every home game remaining... although I worry about the UGA and Ole Miss (who I think might have their act together) games. On the road, we got Florida and Vanderbilt as probable losses. The rest of the games we have a fighting chance to win. Can you imagine this team playing .500 on the road in the SEC? When I was on the plane coming back from St Thomas I didn't think that was remotely possible. Heck, I was about as gloom and doom as you can be.

NCAA stats
We are 7th in scoring defense at 57.3 PPG, 3rd in FG percentage defensive (35.9%), 21st in steals (9.2), 24th in blocked shots (surprised me at 5.4), and 25rd in 3pt FG percentage defensive (29.8%).

The flip side is our offense... 242nd in turnovers, 311th in 3pt FGs, 218th in scoring offense, and 193 assist/turnover ratio. I'd link this, but the ncaa website doesn't like direct links.

Truth be told I don't know how we're doing it. I know how (defense), but being this putrid on the offensive side of the ball shows how hard the team is D-ing up.

If Releford gets more confidence in his jumper... especially beyond the arc I believe our offensive stats will improve. Right now he's too tentative shooting the ball. Don't get me wrong, his dribble drive is opening up shots for others... that aren't falling so either he takes more shots or someone else steps up their mid range game. While I close my eyes every time Hillman shots, he seems to be hitting more than I give him credit for. Maybe he's the guy... that 42.6% FG clip still troubles me.

Also.. SEC Power Poll. I think I put us down as the 3rd or 4th best in the conference. Obviously, we're nt getting love from the rest of the SEC bloggers :).


Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

The 12-4 and in the tourney depends on who we beat. I think to go at 12-4 requires a road win at either the vols, dores or gators. Losing all 3 of those games and winning the rest won't get us into the dance without a deep run in the SEC tourney. Our big wins would consist of home wins vs UK and UGA and that's it. There's no credit for sweeping the SEC west (outside of that Ark road loss).

Now I can see us winning against the vols since pearl will still be out and I bet grant coaches circles around the assistant...jones or somebody? That would allow a loss at Ole Miss. So going 12-4 with a 4-2 record against the east will have us square on the bubble. Iowa, Providence and Seton Hall are so bad this year that in the end that's what will end our chances.

bobbyjack said...

I just can't see 12-4 in a major conference being left out. RPI be damned. Sadly, the loss to Iowa is hurting big time, but going 4-4 on the road and undefeated at home should be enough to get us in.

I can understand 10-6 as Va Tech got jipped last season with that conference record, but 12-4? That's domination of your conference. It's a crappy conference, but it's still one of the big 6.

Obviously this is a 'what if' scenario. I'll still be pumped up if we ended up 9-7... considering I thought 6-10 before the season began.

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming. Reality will set in and you'll lose 7-9 games. You have no real scorers and eventually teams will score on you.

finebammer said...

bobby, i love your enthusiasm but you best prepare yourself:

this team ain't going.

jerry palm was on finebaum today. he said, and i quote, that "if the sec west was a conference all it's own, it'd be below the ivy league".

now that's a bit of exaggeration, but it's not reality but perception of reality that counts. and let's face it, the sec west SUCKS. and anybody that anybody in college basketball believes that.

the winner of the sec west will have to win the tournament to go. there will be NO at-large bid out of the west.

we ALL KNOW the selection committee puts more weight in OOC games than conf. games. we didn't beat anybody.

it sucks but it is what it is.

bobbyjack said... bad as the SEC is overall, we're still a big 6 conference. 12-4 would be tough to overlook. I don't think for a minute we win more than 10... which won't be enough, but I have a hard time believing being 8 games over .500 in your conference gets you snubbed.

I get that our non-conference record sucked. Heck, I predicted it. One of the other factors the committee looks at is the last 10 games.

Oh yeah, I think Jerry Palm is a shell of his former self. He's about as useless as Lunardi IMO.

MSmilie said...

I'm willing to bet the anonymous poster is a barner. In which case I don't blame them for remaining anonymous with that stinker of a team they've got. Alabama played its worst game since their November struggles and Auburn still couldn't beat them.

Something to keep in mind about Bama's tournament chances: the field has expanded to 68 this season. If Alabama finishes 11-5/12-4 in conference (a big if, by the way), there's no way they won't at least be included in the first four pairings. Unfortunately, there is little margin for error. Therefore, they probably have to win out at home and win at least one more road game (LSU)

Alias said...

I don't see any way we go 12-4. But if we do, then I think we are in because we showed improvement over the team that played so badly early in the year and I believe there are people on the selection committee who will take notice of that.

Hey, Anonymous, do you want to buy a curtain to put up in your nice new apite arena? We can sell you a beautiful organge one so no one can tell whether it's there or not. You'll be able to hear a pin drop in that place until they finally have a winning team. Given your program's record, they'll probably run off Coach Barbee too before he has a chance to build something. And IMO Barbee looks to have the makings of a very good coach.

Anonymous said...

The Crimson Tide is capable of playing with ANYONE in the SEC - West or East.

And ATTITUDE makes a world of difference, and these Alabama players are maturing before our eyes.

Stayed tuned, Friends !