Friday, January 21, 2011

Know your enemy- Auburn Tigers

They come into this game on short rest and a loss to Florida which might be the blueprint for what a terrible game should look like. Still, they'll be celebrating their Iron Bowl (the thing died in 89 as far as I'm concerned) Trophy and their mythical national title so expect the players and fans in West GA to be overly pumped up.

Their most recent starting lineup vs the Gators:
23 Tyus, Alex.......... f
25 Parsons, Chandler... f
04 Young, Patric....... c
01 Boynton, Kenny...... g
11 Walker, Erving...... g


Outside of maybe 10 minutes of yesterday's game vs Florida I have not watched them play. I know they suck... proof are their home losses to Samford, Campbell, Jacksonville, Presbyterian, and LSU. Regardless, they'll have an extra chip on their shoulder playing us in front of a capacity crowd (probably the only time this season).

They average 62.7 PPG. I figure they might get 55 against us. Their leading scorers are pulling in 12.3 and 11.7 a game (Ross and Malone). They suck in just about every offensive stat that is measured... FG (39.6%), 3 Pt FGs (32.9%), and FTs (64.1%). Jeff Lebo is rolling over in his grave watching them from East Carolina. Heck, the best thing to happen to him was getting fired... he's actually a decent coach and probably does well enough at ECU to find a non-dead end job in a big conference.

Prediction: We're clearly the better team... and that's the only time I'll say that this season, but I still can't shake pessimism. The Barn find a way to make us look even worse than them and pull out a 4 point win. They have to win one this year and the truth is this is probably their best shot in conference.

Gametime is 6PM EST (5PM CST) on CSS. My guess is it's available on (that is not a channel... it's the innernets).


MSmilie said...

I think our guys go in there and get the job done. No doubt the goofballs will be amped up after a day of still pains me to even think of that game in November...our guys had those bastards beat...ah, never mind.

Anyway, Alabama is improving and Auburn isn't doing much of anything. I think our guys go out and spoil the least temporarily for the goofballs. In a way, this game is more important than the Kentucky game simply because this is the type of game the program needs to start winning. If Bama loses tomorrow, it almost cancels out the Kentucky win as far as I'm concerned.

Auburn is simply not good. Barbee may be able to get something going there, but this team is atrocious. I don't see anyone who can consistently guard JaMychal, Tony or Trevor. It will be a tough environment and probably a close game, but it needs to be a win.

I'm in Montgomery for the weekend so I considered going, but I'm committed to several groups of people at the moment, none of whom care much for basketball (bastards). I figure the game is probably sold out by this point anyway.

DJC said...

Dang M, if you would have said something last week I could have hooked you up with a ticket. I'm about to leave to go down there. If you guys don't hear from me within 24 hrs, assume they either killed me or I'm in jail.