Monday, January 17, 2011

Know your enemy- Kentucky Wildcats

John Calipari leads his Wildcat$ into Tuscaloosa for a Tuesday night ESPN game. We be on NA-SHON-AL TEE-VEE BaBEE!

Team stats. If you want more from the enemy read this blog.

The scary stats:
- 80 PPG
- 46.5% FG
- 41.2% 3PT FG
- 6.8 blocks

Kentucky is 2-2 in true road games with losses @ UNC and UGA. Being that I don't think we're better than either AND we have serious deficiencies shooting I'm not feeling good about this one.

Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight come in averaging 18.6 and 17.5 PPG. Jones also leads the team in boards. Doron Lamb has been getting starts lately and is hitting 50% from beyond the arc. Overall, Kentucky has 4 shooting better than 39% beyond the arc. Uh oh.

Prediction: I think we hang with them in the 1st half before talent and coaching show us up in the 2nd half. I can see UK going on a 13-0 run to put it away. Wildcats by 12.

Game time is 9PM EST (8PM CST) on ESPN.

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Alias said...

Somebody else will have to do the honors tonight. I'll do well to get home by two in the morning with this late tip off. I hope I can just go to bed and call it a night at that point.