Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Since we have a week between games, predicting the final 11 games.

vs LSU- we curb stomp them.
vs M$U- see LSU above.
at UTK- depends on which Vols team shows up. If it;s the one that beat Pitt and Nova we lose, I suspect that's the team we see. Loss.
at Vandy- we never win there. No reason to think that'll change. Loss.
vs Ole Miss- they're getting better, but in the end, too much D for them to handle.
at LSU- if Ole Miss can go in there and beat them down we can too.
vs Arkansas- barely lost at Fayetteville. No reason to think we don't beat them good.
vs Auburn- massacre.
at Ole Miss- my mind could change, but we've had issues winning there in the past. And I think Ole Miss has turned the corner. Loss.
at UF- they're probably the best in the SEC. We'll hang with them for a bit, but in the end the better team wins. Loss.
vs UGA- I think UGA is about to freefall. By the time this game is played they won't have a lot of motivation to win. We will.

So I have us 7-4 in our final 11. That totals up to 11-5 in conference play. A lot better than the 6-10 I thought we'd be before the season began.

I probably cursed the team now.


Nick said...

Remember the days when 8-8 or 9-7 in SEC play would get you into the dance? I feel like at 11-5 we'll be on the bubble.

bobbyjack said...

11-5 is definitely bubble due to how terrible the SEC (and even more so the West) is. If 10-6 ACC record 2010 VA Tech can get left out I can easily see 11-5 not being enough.

12-4 on the other hand... despite our putrid showing in St Thomas IMO is enough despite what Jerry Palm says.

DJC said...

As bad as the SEC is, 11-5 doesn't come close to getting us in. We would need to make the Championship game of the SEC tournament to even be on the bubble.

I generally agree with your predictions with the following exceptions:

m$u- I hope you are right, but with Bo$t and $idney, they have the talent to beat us. I think we pull it out at home, but expect them to give us a tough game.

UGA- They've had some tough, close losses, and a tough schedule ahead, but I don't think they will completely tank.

finebammer said...

"Remember the days when 8-8 or 9-7 in SEC play would get you into the dance? I feel like at 11-5 we'll be on the bubble."

not to worry, nick, nothing's changed. in the "good ole days" when you went 8 - 8 or 9 - 7 in conference play and got an at-large (1.) you had beaten a couple of good teams OOC and (2.) were playing in a legitimate basketball conference.

whether we go 8 - 8, 9 - 7, 11 - 5 or 12 - 4, alabama will have done neither. some want to pigeonhole alabama's pathetic showing pre-conference in the "st. thomas" box. the fact is we didn't beat anybody before, during or after st. thomas and were now playing in the worst division of a sec basketball conference that's as down as it's been in recent memory.

and you don't have to be jerry palm to know it. (and everybody paying attention knows it)

the fact is this conversation wouldn't be happening if we hadn't hung on to beat an extremely green kentucky team at home. and beating kentucky's alway a good thing on the road, at home, in the k-mart parking lot, no matter how bad they are. but we're not going to ride that win into the dance. just not gonna happen.

if alabama gets an at-large it means the committee will have turned it's back on a history of putting more importance on your OOC performance than conference play. (have we forgotten '01 - '02??)

win the regular season title. win the tourney. then, and only then, will alabama dance. (and deserve to)