Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awful Alabama > Atrocious api

(but not by much.)

This is perhaps the ugliest win by an Alabama team I have seen in a long time.  The best thing about this game is that our players never stopped fighting and kept doing the things they had to do to win the game.

Give credit to api.  They knew what they had to do to have a chance to win the game and they controlled everything about the game until 3 or 4 of their best players fouled out.  Coach Barbee had an excellent game plan, his players executed it to perfection, and api almost beat us on our own court. 

I hope I will have something insightful, or at least positive, to say by tomorrow.   For now, I am simply grateful for the win.

Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

Auburn's strategy of denying Alabama's points-in-the-paint backfired as they put themselves into serious foul trouble. Neverthless, expect Ole Miss, Florida, and Georgia to try the same strategy and risk.

But Alabama must play a cleaner game in avoiding the unforced turnovers (bad passing, travelling, free-throw shooting violations), so it's fortunate the team has the opportunity to learn and progress while still getting the win.

Anonymous said...

This is the way a lot of teams will play us if we make the Big Dance.
But our team looked like they had read (and believed) the Vegas line, and been partying prematurely.

finebammer said...

jamychal green: 9 points, one rebound.

let that sink in a bit.

in a game he should have shined in, 9 and 1.

what? he had the sniffles again??? (bonehead)

and here we are. if there's any hope for a post-season, this is it:

win two of the next three. one road game, one home game.

i fear this is a tired team. mentally, i think they're limping.

no bench. no senior leadership.

here we go.

finebammer said...

in reality, (something the fine folks posting box scores at roll need to get familiar with)

green: 17 pts, seven rebounds.

leading scorer for the game, tips in winning basket, finebammer (idiot)

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: I don't disagree with you about the possibility of the team being tired, but Chris Hines is a senior and he provides leadership.

I just don't think the team was focused. They've been playing at such a high level for weeks they were bound for a letdown at some point. Unfortunately, their early struggles have put them in a position that they can't afford a letdown.