Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bama beats Black Bears 74-64

We jumped out to a big 1st half lead, went into our Nick Saban offensive shell to let the Black Bears (Rebels) within 6, and then came to our senses and put the game away.

Box score

Releford, Mitchell, and Green once again led the offense with Hillman and Hines D-ing up. Charvez finally found his stroke, Steele played some good minutes, and there was even a Hankerson sighting. We even hit a few 3s (6-14).

The end result is we won, but taking the air out of the ball at the 12 minute mark probably wasn't the best idea.


Anonymous said...

You keep calling them the Black Bears. Does that make us the Alabama Elephants Crimson Tide?

Alias said...

I'm not so sure we took the air out of ball, but if we did I think it was Coach Grant's effort to fight the team's potential fatigue. We had a similar situation in the UK game. We hit a stretch where we ran the score up on them, Grant called time out, and our offense seemed to go into a shell. After the game Coach Grant explained that he called the TO to remind the players that we still have 15 minutes left to play and that they needed to hold some gas in their tank to play the last 5 minutes.

Maybe this is good coaching. Maybe it is not. One thing is certin: Anthony Grant is a much better coach than I am. He and this team also have done much better than any of us had anticipated in Conference play. So I am going to trust your judgment.

finebammer said...

i wish he could wave a magic wand and make green look like a better player.

i've had a bad attitude (surprise!) about this guy i've tried to change. but how many times this season has grant set him up down low only to turn the ball over (by stepping out-of-bounds, no less!) or come away empty-handed because green can't assert his superior size. then on top of all that the stupid fouls. (his fourth yesterday when he dove into the ole piss shooter bailing the guy out of a bad play)

on the positive side it's a testament to grant's coaching that he's winning against any competition with hillman and green playing making the "contributions" they do.

(somebody might give m a call after he reads that line!)

i look forward to the teams grant coaches in tuscaloosa with players of a little higher b'ball iq.


bobbyjack said...

anon- if Ole Miss would've went with the juiced up looking Mr. Clean as their new mascot I wouldn't chide them.

fb- without Green I doubt we're anything close to 8-2 in the SEC. He might force a few things, but it's pretty much him and Mitchell as our options on offense.