Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clutch Commodores Crush Crimson Comeback

BobbyJack's post reflects my feelings on the way the game ended, but we have to give Vandy their well deserved kudos.  The officials had to call a loose game for Bama to have a chance to break the Memorial Gym Jinx.  They did in spots.  I'm sure one of the officials would have blown a whistle if they'd seen Mitchell get his clock cleaned going for an offensive with rebound 1:15 left in the game, but it might not have made any difference given his free throw shooting this year.  The fifth foul on Releford could have gone uncalled and the no-call when Greene was forced out of bounds driving toward the bucket is the sort of thing the home team should expect to go its way in our league.  It really was nice to see an Alabama coach forcibly arguing his player's case to an official.  I'm not sure we've seen that since Wimp got caught - well, you get the idea.

It looked like Alabama was trying to preserve it's energy in the first half.  They did not stay on the Vandy shooters and the Commodores lit it up outside the arc. I think they might have been five for seven outside the arc in the first 17 minutes of the game.  Vandy had an 11 point lead with just over two minutes to go in the half, but Bama used its defensive pressure to cut it to three before the intermission.

Alabama was able to force the ball in to Greene near the basket in the second half, and the Dores' fouls finally began to mount.  The game was back and forth from that point.  Bama clung to a one point lead and had the ball with about 90 seconds left on the clock.  The difference from there was that Vanderbilt was able to get the ball into the basket and Alabama was not. 

Wishes and excuses cannot change the score, but I sure would like to see what this team could do if it possessed even on outside scoring threat.  They came close tonight, but close will not be enough to get them into the Big Dance at the end of the season. 

We have a gritty, determined coach.  I hope they have enough fuel in their tank to beat Ole Miss at home Saturday.  Please come out and support your team.  They deserve your support and you should see one heck of a performance.


Anonymous said...

Agree with y'all's thoughts. This was about as good of a loss we could have hoped for - it showed we can score a little, and I'm not sure there's another team out there that can shoot the 3 as well as Vandy can some nights at Memorial, which is such a huge home court advantage.

On the nice-guy side, if we had to lose a game in that way, I'm glad it was to Vandy rather than any other SEC team. If you're going to have an "SEC Basketball Blogs" section over there to the right, you should add Vandy's - they follow bball pretty well (wouldn't you if you were a fan of Vandy sports?) and in a fair fashion.

Bring on the Rebel Black Bears.

Anonymous said...

Too many offensive rebounds got away. And with our shooting, there were a LOT of rebounds.