Thursday, February 03, 2011

Defense, balanced scoring lead Tide over M$U

If we hit some of our outside shots this would've been another blowout, but it was a comfortable win. I'll take it.

Box score

Tony Mitchell led the team with 23 points on 9-13 shooting. JaMychal Green had a double double (15/11) and Charvez Davis hit 5-8 from beyond the arc.

We outrebounded $tate 33-21, held them to 61 points on 21-51 shooting, and kept fatass Sidney on the bench winded beyond belief. When was the last time we swept m$u? I'm thoroughly proud of the team for this. We now OWN the SEC West and barring a complete collapse we pretty much have this division won. Now the next goal is to finish 11-5 or 12-4 and be assured of being in the NCAAT. If that happens I'll be in Vegas rooting on the team. I assume DJC will follow them wherever they end up playing.

BTW- I called the score difference to a TEE.

If we do end up in the NCAA Tournament, we'll be a team no one wants to play.


Alias said...

I got home very late and will be busy all morning. I will try to post a bit more this afternoon, but I did think we benefitted from some home cooking last night. The first two fouls on Sidney were legitimate, although the officials were calling the game much more loosely on all the other players except Hines. I wondered whether they wanted to keep him under control after his antics in Starkville and with the students shouthing "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT" at him all night. The third fould on Sydney was a phantom call. He did not appear to move toward Greene or to touch him. Another official made a phantom call on a Bama player on the other end of the court, I think it was on Greene but it was his first of the game.

I still don't know why $tan$field did not zone us the entire game. Davis was in a zone, but I don't think he could have kept us in the game all by himself.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the home cooking. Some poor officiating - yes. The third foul on Sidney was a bit of a phantom but he had been getting that third foul for 5 minutes barging around like a bull in a china shop. Right before the second half started "Big Lazy" was yukking it up with one of the officials. I thought at the half that we would have to be careful because I thought the refs would unconciously be aware that Sidney had hardly played in the first half. The friendly (i.e., unprofessional)conversation brought it to mind again. Some bad calls both ways. I thought that Sidney's problem after his strong start to the 2nd half was conditioning not foul trouble. GumpW

DJC said...

Home cooking? At one point we had 8 fouls to their 2 in the 2nd half. They didn't call a single foul on $tate till the 10 minute mark of the 2nd half. $idney generally does a good job of keeping his hands to himself, when he's not brutally assaulting a teammate, but he uses that fat gut and man boobs of his as a weapon. A lot of fouls with the body that weren't called. Don't even get me started on the cheap "accidental bumps" long after the whistle.

finebammer said...

chris stewart came though for the radio audience again.

after a late hard foul on mitchell, stewart said he could report with certainty sidney didn't hit mitchell, he wasn't near him.

i laughed my ass off. i love that guy.

(in a STRICTLY plutonic sense! ;))