Saturday, February 12, 2011

Know your enemy- Ole Miss Black Bear Rebels

They come into this game on a 3 game winning streak. Make no mistake this will be a tough game made even tougher by our quick turnaround from the Vandy robbery on Thursday night.


They struggled with LSU at home on Wednesday, squeaking by 66-60, but they have been playing better and they pose some matchup problems. I don't know who we have to guard Chris Warren who leads the team with 18.7 PPG. Zach Graham is their only other player scoring double digits with Terrence Henry leading the way with 5.8 boards. They lack size so we should be able to pound it inside.

Keys to the game:
- make someone besides Warren score.
- pound it inside to Green.
- Get Charvez back on track.
- keep the game in the mid 60s.

Prediction: Ole Miss is probably the last threat we have to losing at home, but I DON'T THINK SO! We frustrate Warren and Green dominates inside with Mitchell putting in another 20 points for the win. Bama by 11.

Game time is 4PM EST (3PM CST) on the SEC Network.


MSmilie said...

This is a classic trap game. As well as they've been playing lately, the lack of depth for Bama is a concern after playing two physical, emotionally draining games on the road.

As you write, Ole Miss is playing better. What worries me about them is their ability to score the ball if our guys get off to a slow start defensively. The last thing Bama needs is a game in which they have to expend a lot of energy playing from behind.

I disagree with your comment about Ole Miss' lack of size. Henry is 6'10, I believe. He's not wide, but he's long and is a good defender. And then you have Buckner who is very physical and a tremendous shot blocker. I personally think both of those guys can present JaMychal problems.

And speaking of JaMychal, he needs to be careful. He's been a live wire in some recent games. I love his intensity, but the team absolutely can not afford for him to be tossed out of a game.

This has become a really important game for Bama. I think the next five games (today vs Ole Miss, @LSU, home against Arkansas and Auburn and the return game to Oxford) will make or break the season. Our guys have to go at least 4-1 in that stretch to remain in the SEC Championship and NCAA tournament dicussion.

Regardless of how the season closes, let me just write that this has become possibly my favorite Alabama team since I began following basketball. I got on board in the late stages of the Wimp era so obviously there were some tough teams then, but the talent level on those teams was higher and the margin for error wider. This team has been arguably more impressive. The improvement from a really bad team into a really tough-minded crew of son of a guns who find ways to compete despite their shortcomings, and all within the span of one season, has been truly amazing to watch. When the season is over these guys will be able to look themselves in the mirror and know they gave everything they had and did what they had to do to become a team to be reckoned with. That's all any of us as fans can ask for from the teams we pull for.

bobbyjack said...

I probably should've clarified... they have a couple of big men, but unlike most of our opponents they don't gave a real size advantage on us.

I gree we have to go 4-1 to stay in the bubble talks. I believe we do. And this team went from being one I despised in November to one of my favorites since the 91 and 2002 teams.