Saturday, February 05, 2011

Know your enemy- Tennessee Volunteers

Coming off a win at the Barn, Tennessee welcomes us to that ugly orange place in the mountains. Hopson was out the last game and if we're lucky he won't play tonight either.


If there is no Scotty Hopson, Tobias Harris will be the one to watch... although he's not the scoring threat Hopson is.

Most recent starting lineup:
Harris, Tobias f
Fields, John f
Goins, Melvin g
Tatum, Cameron g
Bone, Josh g

What UT has that we sorely lack is bench depth. They could wear us out in the 2nd half. 9 average more than 11 minutes a game.

The good news is they're not an especially good shooting team. 43.9% FG an 32% 3pt FG will not strike fear in our hearts... especially since we specialize in defense.

Prediction: This is a big game for both teams.We win this, win out at home and steal one at LSU and we're in the NCAAT discussion. UT needs this to keep pace with UF and bolster their resume. Originally I didn't like our chances, but if Hopson is not a go I say we pull the upset. Bama by 4. If he plays then I like the Viles by 7. How's that for hedging a bet? :)

UPDATE- It doesn't look like Hopson is playing. So go with the good guys by 4.

Game time is 5PM EST (4PM CST) on FSN.

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