Sunday, February 13, 2011

A must read Pat Forde column- Bubble begins to take shape

I'm more interested in his critique of officiating. Talking about our boy Ted valentine for a minute.

But if O'Connell's schedule sounds crazy, it's relatively sane compared to a recent run by Ted Valentine (31). He's nicknamed "TV Ted" because he's on the air more than Anderson Cooper -- and he likes to make his presence felt. Check out this run:

Works an 8 p.m. ET tipoff at Alabama, Jan. 29. Works a 2 p.m. ET tipoff at Kent State, Jan. 30. Works the next four nights in Jackson, Miss., High Point, N.C., Birmingham, Ala., and Charleston, S.C.

The Minutes has no idea how you even get from Tuscaloosa, Ala., to Kent, Ohio, in time for a 2 p.m. game. Or how TV Ted's work schedule is good for anything but his bank account.

A blurb about Anthony Grant:
Anthony Grant (38) of Alabama. The Crimson Tide improbably have the best record in the SEC at 7-1. Grant was at his imperturbable best Saturday, somehow refraining from breaking anything while watching his team go the final nine minutes at Tennessee without a field goal and still winning. (For the record: That was four minutes of regulation and all five minutes of overtime with seven missed field goals and four turnovers. Bama pulled it out thanks to 10-of-12 shooting at the foul line.)

Read it all here. If you want to skip past the bubble and go to the overworked officials due to time constraints read that portion first, but I suggest you read it all when you get a chance. This is about as solid as a writeup as I've seen in a while.


Nick said...

Say we finish:
Ark (W)
Aub (W)
Miss (W/L)
Florida (L)
Georgia (W)

I see us going 5-1 maybe, but probably 4-2. That will put us at 13-3 or 12-4 in SEC play. If we're 13-3 I think we'll get in the tournament. 12-4 may put us on the bubble and we may need to win a game in the SEC Tournament.

Either way we'll finish 1st in the SEC West and get the bye in the tournament. This year, more than any other year nobody in the SEC is unbeatable.

I will say that this year was not supposed to be a season where we were having these sort of discussions so whatever happens really is cake.

bobbyjack said...

Mu argument is find me a team from a power conference with a +8 (12-4) record that was left out of the tourney. Heck, I don't think there's EVER been a +6 (11-5) left out. 10-6 is a rarity with VA Tech being the most recent snub.

I know how bad the SEC is, but so is the ACC and PAC-10. Being that there are no real strong mid-majors out there fighting for automatic bids it's seems to me that if we go 4-2 and don't embarrass ourselves vs UT/VU/UK in the SECT we are in as a 11 or 12 seed.

3 bad days in November hurt, but since the Providence game anyone with half a brain can tell we are a much different team than the one that stumbled in St Thomas.

Nick said...

Ya that's a good point. Mid majors are really down this year. I was looking at all of the conferences and there's only 1 tiny school with an amazing record (Coastal Carolina). The traditional mid majors are all down this year for the most part.

I know non-conference is important, but so is your conference record and how you've been playing as of late.

I know that we can beat most teams in the country because of how killer our defense is. Even if we got a 12 seed we could make it out of the first weekend.

MSmilie said...

And Coastal Carolina's record is deceiving since they haven't played anyone of note outside of Charleston and Georgetown, both double-digit losses (I don't count wins over Charlotte and LSU as impressive)

The mid-majors who will get a hard look should they lose in their conference tourneys are George Mason, Utah State, St. Mary's (it would be criminal if St. Mary's was left out) and maybe Wichita State. Conference USA also may be able to snag two bids.

If Bama finishes 12-4 or 13-3, I think they're in regardless of what happens in the SEC tournament. Anything less than that and they will have to make some noise in the conference tournament.

When they were first gaining some steam, I was semi-ambivalent about their tournament hopes because my opinion was even an NIT bid would have been an upgrade over the last few years. Now that they've won 8 out of 10 conference games and are getting a hard look for the tournament, if they do slip up down the stretch and miss it, it will be disappointing. Hopefully they can continue to perform at a high level for a few more weeks.