Friday, February 11, 2011

Screwjob in Nashville. Refs, Tinsley squeak by Bama 81-77.

Box score

I'll add more tomorrow, but if you're expecting the normally objective recap I put up you'll be sorely disappointed. It felt like Vandy was on the power play all dang night.

On our end we couldn't buy a three while Vandy killed us with it, but we dominated the paint. Davis was again a nonfactor, but the rest of the guys played well.

I'll add more in the morning. I'm a bit angered by the way we lost, but proud of the team....

JaMychal Green should file charges at the Nashville precinct. He was mugged all night long. He did hit 10/11 FTs, but it seemed more often than not he was being fouled the second he got the ball inside. Green had a quiet first half, but exploded in the 2nd. Vandy had no one to stop him (unless you include the refs as part of their team). He finished with 23/10. He also hit a 3.

Tony Mitchell carried us in the 1st half... and made our only 3 in that half... at the buzzer. He also got mauled at the end of the game (no call) that left him woozy minutes after.

Charvez again laid an egg for the 2nd consecutive game. This time he forced his shots (one from Germantown included) and was again ineffective. Steele and Hillman picked up his slack though.

Releford impressed again off the dribble. I thought he won it for us in the final seconds, but then was called for a phantom foul on Tinsley's shot that gave Vandy back the lead.

A note on our big men... Hines played out of his mind again and was a defensive presence. He also is one heck of a passer. We can talk about Green or Releford being our team MVP, but IMO you take Hines off this team and we're hovering with the rest of the West. He does all the little things to keep us in the game. Green is a good passer as well.

I still think we got jobbed by the refs, but we didn't do ourselves any favors by going 2-15 from beyond the arc. Vandy hit 9-19 from three and that was one of the factors in us losing.

Splitting the state of TN was a pipe dream at the beginning of the season. We did that and almost won them both. This has been beaten to death, but man if we had a shooter we'd be sitting at 9-0 in conference.


Nick said...

Although the calls at the end of the game were horrible (especially the foul on Releford...there was ZERO contact), I think the game was pretty evenly called. There was a stretch where every single call was going Bama's way.

The difference in this game was 3 point shooting. We have none and teams know it. The fact that we can still grind it out shows how great of a coach Grant is and how bright the future of Alabama basketball is.

Tough loss, for sure, and the calls didn't help, but 3 point shooting was why we lost.

Anonymous said...

What an uncanny Game for both teams to shoot significantly over 50% in their field goals.

It wasn't that "every single call was going Bama's way" as much as Vanderbilt players unmistakenly were caught fouling JaMychal Green.

On the hand, when Vanderbilt players continued to "unmistakenly" foul late in the game (namely the assault on Tony Mitchell's face, and the collision on Green by Festus Ezeli with seconds left) with the Officials' blessings, Alabama's chance for victory or an overtime period were wrongfully taken away.

But Congratulations to the Vandy team and coaches for winning on their home court.

bobbyjack said...

I guess things even out as we got a few calls @ UT, but like I said... Green was mugged inside repeatedly.

Regardless, this team is fun to watch. THEY NEVER QUIT. They never lose hope.