Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tide Topples Tennessee Stays Atop SEC

I know DJC and BobbyJack both are in Knoxville so we will have to wait for a real recap of this game, but I don't believe I have ever been more proud of an Bama Basketball team in all the years I've followed them.  This was a tough, physical game in front of a very hostile crowd against a very good team.  Bama's basketball team has adopted the physical and mental toughness their coach told them would be necessary to play his brand of ball, and they are seeing the results of their efforts at least a full season before most of us dared to hope on the day his hiring was announced.

Tennessee fought hard in spite of the fact that their leading scorer did not dress due to an injury.  I doubt many of the national sports writers will mention that Bama has played all season without the benefit of either Justin Knox or Demetrius Jemison, two of the guys we had hoped would help us underneath the basket this year.

Bama played nearly flawless defense and shot lights out the entire first half to build a double digit lead.  To their credit, the Vols stepped up their defensive pressure and played with much more heart the entire second half and throughout the overtime period.  This turned into a defensive struggle and the tougher of the two teams was the one that was going to win it, sooner or later. 

I thought we were doomed when the game went into over time, but the Tide hit all its free throws and forced three huge stops that gave it the early OT advantage and rode that horse to the end of the game.

Roll Tide~


Anonymous said...

Been following Bama basketball since the 60s.
The grittiest win of all time.

finebammer said...

big win for the team. was it going to pauley pavilion and beating #1 ucla??

uhh, no.

but this team is putting things together. winning this game at thompson-boling is a huge hurdle regardless of who tennessee is missing. this has to impact the team's confidence going into nashville.

stewart sez we haven't won there since 1990.

think about that. wimp sanderson was the last alabama coach to take a team to memorial and win.

i thought putting green back in late in the game was a mistake. when he was benched with his fourth, we built a six point lead. grant sent him back in, he turned the ball over twice and missed free throws.

to his credit he hit four freebies in ot.

on to nashville. i can handle a loss there, let's just not make a hero out of some no-name white guy who after we sulk out of town will never be heard from again.