Sunday, February 13, 2011

Would You Please Help Your Team

As best as I have been able to determine, there are two ways we fans can help our team.  First, we can show up for the games.  Second, we can make noise after we have arrived.  During the last few seasons of the previous administration, we Bama Basketball fans had been sucked into the malaise of merely responding to what happens on the court.  Responding is good, but being pro-active is even better in my opinion.

I was a bit miffed when I first found out they had taken the floor seats away from some of my friends and put students down there, but having students on the floor at both ends of the court has been very beneficial to our team.  As they shout back and forth at each other, they tend to energize the crowd and suck the others into their enthusiasm.  I have to defer to the wisdom of the person who put those students down there.  It was a great move.

I suggest the rest of us can take our cue from the students and learn how to make noise before the team does something significant.  It might not always make a difference, but if we make noise before half of a 23 point lead has been squandered, then perhaps we can do our part to help energize the team and get them over the next hump in their 40 minute war of attrition with the visitors.

Please do not use profanity.  We finally have a truly inter-generational fan base and the six year olds you see in the stands today will be the students, season ticket holders, and basketball bloggers of the future.  I never "boo" players.  I usually sit pretty close to the visiting bench so I say a good deal to their coach and not infrequently express my displeasure to an official.  How else are we going to develop a home court advantage?   Adults are fair game, but remember that the visiting players are just doing their best to obey their coaches and represent their own schools.

So please show up and please make some noise.  You will have a great time and might even get caught up in the magic that is the spirit of Bama Basketball.  You also can help your team.

Roll Tide!


finebammer said...

great commentary, alias. this is a battle you know i've fought for a long time.

i remember arguing with bob bockrath back in the mid-ninties about a new arena for basketball on paul finebaum's show.

most of the profanity i've used at the games over the years was directed at our own "fans" who yelled at me to sit down in the middle of an alabama run. (and it's tough not to cuss watching the officials job us in our arena time after time)

but never doubt the biggest impediment to basketball in tuscaloosa is THE UNIVERSITY. the changes to the student seating i must say caught me by surprise. on the surface it doesn't look like much but as you said it helps energize the crowd. and let's face facts. if you have premium seating and you're not doing your job to help the team, you don't deserve to be there.

Alias said...

Thanks, FB. Those who attend games regularly also will know that some of the most expensive seats are also among those that are most often vacant.