Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bama's Bubble: Making the Case

Click on the title or here for my amateur, worthless analysis of our NCAA tournament hopes.


MSmilie said...

I think it's going to be close. One thing not in Bama's favor is the emergence of Penn State in the Big Ten tournament. Whether they beat Ohio State or not tomorrow may be irrelevant.

Another factor could be Dayton in the A-10 tournament. If they beat Richmond, who I think is solidly in the field, Bama is toast. We are all Richmond fans tomorrow.

Several of the pundits are touting USC based largely on their improved play down the stretch and their wins over Texas and Tennessee. Personally, I don't feel the Pac-10 was good enough this year for four teams to be in the tournament. Nevertheless, the committee loves their numbers and the unfortunate reality is USC's numbers (RPI, SOS) are better.

One thing seems certain. If Bama is selected they will have to play in Dayton. I'll take it at this point. It's still amazing to me that we're even having this conversation after the way the season started. Hopefully the committee will reward Alabama for improving throughout the season.

bobbyjack said...

I think we sneak in as well as a 12 seed in Dayton. My guess is we play play St Mary's on Tuesday.

It would be a bad precedent to leave a team with a 12-4 conference record in a big 6 conference out. In the end, I believe the committee will agree with me.

I've got a MAJOR issue with Mark Gottfried that I will spell out in the coming days.

MSmilie said...

Does your issue with Mark Gottfried involve his lack of professionalism regarding even discussing Alabama. He obviously refuses to call any of their games, which I can understand, but it's like prying teeth the last few weeks when he's in studio and Alabama comes up in the discussion. Look, Mark, if you want to be a studio analyst you have to talk about the teams in play even if it's your former job.

I got the feeling watching him on ABC yesterday he took some delight in Alabama's loss to Kentucky.

bobbyjack said...

Pretty much, but it goes even deeper than that. For someone that stole money from the university the last 3 years he sure is indignant about it. Compare that to Paul Hewitt who was fired from GA Tech... who exited with class admitting his deficiencies and thanking Tech for the opportunity.

I might despise him more than Dubose now.

Crimson Tider 4 Lacy said...

And Alabama did BETTER than Florida did against Kentucky in the SEC Tournament !

And Georgia made the Tournament following Alabama's double defeat of them??? Apparently they regard Alabama as a quality opponent in order to excuse Georgia's 2 losses to Alabama !

Anonymous said...

Karma's a bitch bammers! That is payback for poisoning our trees.
Mess with the bull, get the horns. Enjoy your chance to be number 69. Ha ha.

finebammer said...

remember who's told you about gottfried YEARS ago. he is and always was a pretentious piece of shit.

i'll always believe he got on the wrong side of the athletic dept. using jobs openings to get himself raises. he completely mishandled gerald wallace and should have been prosecuted for what he did to ron steele. that fluke elite eight set our program back years. grant's dealing with it now.

look, this happens every year. somebody gets left out. the thing with georgia sucks. but here's the deal:

we had a terrible ooc.

we needed to at least look good against florida or kentucky.

we did neither. we looked horrible yesterday. just horrible.

and now we've got to listen to the uabaybees for a week.

but the good news is releford has a year under his belt. hopefully grant has some upgraded talent in the wings. the fan base is energized.

if we can get a little cooperation from the athletic dept., this thing is set to take off.

let's get some practice in the nit and go recruiting.


bobbyjack said...

Seriously... a barner talking trash about basketball? I had half a mind to delete the comment, but I'm leaving it up as a reminder of how pathetic some of you are.

fb... a poor November killed us no doubt. Still, I would've been ok with Colorado or VA tech in and us out, but not UAB, Penn State, and VCU. It makes zero sense.

Anonymous said...

Who's on the committee? I need names.