Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Know your enemy- Colorado Buffaloes

Darien Hagan and Michael Westbrook lead their high powered attack against the Crimson Tide at Madison Square Garden in what should be a great game. Wait... that was the Blockbuster Bowl of 91. Let me start over again.

Chauncey Billups... wait.... that's not right either. Let's go with this: two teams that should've been in the NCAA Tournament match up in Madison Square Garden looking to advance to the championship game on Thursday.

There's a nice writeup on Coach Grant on the Buffaloes' website. Read it if you get a minute.


Alec Burks and Cory Higgins lead the Buffaloes in scoring at 20.5 and 16.1 a game. Neither are serious three point threats, but they do try. The one shooter we need to watch out there is Levi Knutston. He's hitting at a 48% clip out there. Marcus Relphorde is also shooting over 40% beyond the arc so we're going to have our hands full around the arc.

Keys to the game:
- keep the score in the 60s
- pound the ball inside
- hands up on defense on the perimeter
- limit 2nd chance shots

Prediction: This one worries me. While we haven't played a neutral site game since the Oklahoma State one (and that was in OKC) we didn't fare too well (winless). Colorado won 3 neutral site games. Still, I can go against my boys... Mitchell and Releford shine in NYC with a boost from Hillman as we move on to Thursday's championship game. Bama by 6.

Game time is 9:30PM EST (8:30PM CST) on ESPN and espn3.com if you can't get in front of a TV. I want to note that the times given is from ESPN3.com. I saw on both the Colorado and Alabama websites that 9PM EST (8PM CST) is the start time so you might want to verify. I assume the 9:30 time is to allow 30 minutes after the Wichita St/Washington St game for cleanup.

DJC is there. Hopefully he's dining on some good NY pizza and not the Sbarro's across the street from the Garden.


Alabama Liberal said...

There is a lot of Alabama Alumni in the Big Apple. I hope they will come to the Game and make themselves heard loudly over ESPN tonight ! And hopefully the New Yorkers read the NY Times article about Coach Grant and favor the Crimson Tide as a result.

Colorado's guards have a significant height advantage over Alabama's guards (6'5" or 6'6" over 6'2" and 6'3")! ! ! Will they try to exploit that by shooting over us from the 3-point line or isolation moves near the basket?
We might see Tony Mitchell and Charles Hankerson playing extra defense at the perimeter.

Colorado has a deeper bench than Alabama and plays with a LOT of players, and there are a lot of seniors on Colorado's team, which finished in 6th place in the Big Twelve Conference. But even seniors can get into foul trouble, especially at this time of year. Let's stay out of foul trouble, JaMychal, Trevor, Senario, Tony ! !

Colorado's top 3 scorers all shoot better than 80% from the free-throw line (Knutson shoots 90%), and Burks 20-point average depends heavily on the number of times he gets to the Freethrow Line. Take note, Bama !

We have to play outstanding defense against this team that has 4 players who average double-digit points, but yet avoid fouling. We can do it.


j said...
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DJC said...

We played on a neutral court in Atlanta in the SEC tournament and beat Georgia, but lost to Kentucky...although you can certainly argue the Kentucky game wasn't a true neutral court.

There were about a dozen or so Bama fans on my flight this morning coming up for the game, which is about 10 or 11 more than I expected. Haven't really seen fans of any of the teams around, but I've been in the room working most of the day.

If anybody in the area happens to be reading this, the NY Chapter of the Alumni Association is hosting a pregame party at Stout on 33rd tonight from 5:30-7:30. I plan to stop by for a few pre game coldies.

bobbyjack said...

Semi-brain fart on that although you can argue that UGA and UK were road games (even though we outnumbered UGA fans 47-35 that day). Heh.

Was looking to fly out there Thursday if we won, but the travel is going to be too much (and too costly) for me.

Alabama Lib... I was thinking that as well (guard size), but from memory they don't post up much so I don't think it'll kill us.

Alias said...

AlabamaLib, please come back and leave some more comments in the future.

Alabama Liberal 4 UA said...


I'm trying to catch my breath after that gutty victory that flirted with demise (Worst Free-throw shooting ever)!

..and my head is spinning with dizziness by Coach Grant entrusting our Team's fate with TWO Freshmen on the floor in the high-pressure final minutes of the Game... Wow. (good job!)

And Alabama lives on...Surviving without the depth that other teams have (and barely surviving). Trevor Lacy is needed at Alabama much more than Ky needs him.

Again, WOW !

And it was nice to hear the Alabama Fans in NY on TV. Yeah, we heard you !