Sunday, March 20, 2011

Know your enemy- New Mexico Lobos

Steve Alford brings his Lobos (not Rebecca... the team) to Tuscaloosa in what should be a good game. For those that don't know, Steve Alford used to be the Iowa basketball coach before this gig... was forced out 'cause he wasn't doing enough. I bet Iowa fans (those that are left) are wishing he was back.

Stats. This is the first meeting between the 2 teams (as far as I know).

New Mexico has a balanced scoring attack (4 guys averaging double figures), but are missing Dairese Gary (torn ACL vs BYU). McDonald, Gordon, and Williams picked up the slack vs UTEP and need to do the same to have a chance tomorrow night. Kendall Williams is lethal from 3 (42.5%) so we need to keep an eye on him. Inside the Lobos are small and should not give us much trouble on either end. Drew Gordon is the only real offensive option inside. Still... if they pack the paint we're going to need someone to keep them honest from outside.

Prediction: too much JaMychal, Hines, and Charvez finds his stroke from outside. Close game for 30 minutes and them we pull away. Bama by 12.

Game time is 3/21 at 9PM EST (8PM CST) on ESPN.


MSmilie said...

This game worries me. I watched New Mexico's game against UTEP and they looked pretty good. Their season appears to have been a little up and down, but they have been playing well at the end of the season. They've had some nice wins (BYU twice, Colorado). I think our guys pull it out, but it could be tough.

Tony said...

Hey my Alabama brothers! This is Tony Wallace, representating Albuquerque and the great state of New Mexico. And no, there's no relation to George. But one of my cousin's was the mayor of Maplesville(GO RED DEVILS). Now he's moved up to become a state representative(I'll pray for you guys). LOL. My father was born and raised in Maplesville. Here I go again digressing. Ok, here's my take: You guys are undefeated at home. 7th in country in PA(59).4th in FG%A at 38%. But what worries me the most is your PRESS. Im sure you guys know that we lost our only senior to a knee injury against BYU in conf. tourny. Our quarterback(pt guard) our leader. One tough young man. He could have played on Sat. afternoon's in Tuscaloosa. What Im trying to say is, We are going to kick your butts all over that court. Ok, Im just trash talking now. LOL.
Seriously, if we dont "freak out" on your press and keep the TO's under 12, we might, and I say might, have a chance. I really believe this could and should be a great game.

Good luck yule all! ROLL TIDE!!!!
Except for this game. :)

DJC said...

I feel this will be our toughest test on the way to New York. We will need to bring our A game to win. I agree with Tony, the key will be how well their guards are able to handle our defensive pressure.

I always enjoy getting the perspective from opposing fans. Thanks for stopping by, Tony, and I hope you'll come back and give us your thoughts after the game, win or lose.

DJC said...

Also, Congrats to the women's team on the victory over Northwestern. They are now in the sweet 16, playing at Toledo tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

another road game (sigh)

Is there any hope for a game in the tournament to be in Tuscaloosa ?

DJC said...

Anonymous, I have no idea how the WNIT selects home games, or what our seed is. I would try to make it if we could host an Elite 8 or better game in Foster though.

39 Steps said...