Sunday, March 06, 2011

Predicting the power conferences (+ A10, CUSA, and MWC) tournament winners

ACC- It's the Duke invitational and they know it'll solidify a #1 seed. As great as UNC is playing right now I can see them being upset in the semis.

Atlantic 10- Temple. As long as them or Xavier win it it's okay. Richmond is a bubble team and I'd like to see them exit early stage right.

Big 10- Illinois. Ohio State could lose in the 2nd round and still be a #1 seed so I think they take it easy and lose in the semis. The Illini have underachieved all year... they have the talent and I figure they can pull it together for 4 games.

Big 12- Texas. I don't know why, but Kansas has not impressed me this season. I suspect that'll be the championship game.

Big East- Since this is my prediction I'm going sentimental with St John's. If they do I fully expect them to vault up to a 3 seed. If you are a passive Alabama basketball fan I HIGHLY SUGGEST you watch this tournament... or at least a few games starting Wednesday. They are the SEC of football.

CUSA- UTEP. I'm a sucker for a cheaters redemption and Tim Floyd fits the bill. Besides that would put UAB in the NIT. That would make me smile.

MWC- UNLV. It's in Las Vegas, BYU is hurting thanks to their starting forward being kicked off the team for closing the deal with his girlfriend and SDSU has to lose to someone besides BYU. DOesn't hurt us as all 3 are in the tourney anyways.

PAC-10- Washington State. No real reason outside of a gut feeling. This one affects us if it comes true at it takes an at-large bid away (UCLA and Arizona are in already).

SEC- for another post...

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