Monday, March 07, 2011

SEC Tournament Bracket and Predictions

I know the link was posted below, but this is a little easier to follow visually. In the first round, I like UGA over auburn, but I expect auburn to give them a game. They took them to overtime in Athens and are a bad matchup for Georgia. We need to hope Georgia pulls it out, because another win over auburn would not help us at all.

I will take Ole Miss over South Carolina, but could also see that one going the other way.

Tennessee should beat Arkansas, but who knows what UT team will show up. Pelphrey may be fighting for his job, but I think the Vols take them out.

Vandy gets a first round bye against LSU.

It's hard to beat a team back to back, but I like our chances being well rested against a UGA team that had to work hard to get out of the first round. Kentucky will have no problems with Ole Miss.

Tennessee is capable of beating Florida, but they won't do it. I think $tate is still a dangerous team, and Vandy won't shoot well in the dome. $tate upsets Vandy.

We beat Kentucky once, and UK does not play well away from home. Unfortunately, CATlanta will feel a lot like Lexington this week. We go down to the Cats on Saturday and end up watching the selection show squarely on the bubble.

$tate gives Florida a very good game, but the Gators pull it out. Florida is clearly playing the best basketball right now, but my gut tells me Kentucky beats them in the finals.


bobbyjack said...

1st round:
- Auburn upsets UGA
- Ole Miss over the Cocks
- Arkansas over UTK
- Vandy kills LSwho

2nd round:
- Bama crushes the barn
- Ole Miss upsets UK
- Florida kills Arkansas
- Vandy beats $idney

- Bama beats Ole Miss
- Florida crushes Vandy

- Florida beats us like a drum BUT I DON'T CARE CAUSE WE'RE IN THE NCAAT.

MSmilie said...

The first round, with the possible exception of the LSU/Vandy game, should all be tightly contested games. In fact, I expect most of the games to be close.

1st Round

Georgia beats Auburn
Ole Miss beats Carolina
Tennessee beats Arkansas (UT had better win this game or they could be sweating it out as well come Sunday)
Vanderbilt beats LSU

2nd Round

Georgia beats Bama
Kentucky beats Ole Miss
Florida beats Tennessee
Vandy beats State


Kentucky beats Georgia
Florida beats Vandy


Kentucky wins....again.