Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Someone tell the team the game is 40 minutes. Gators 78-51 over Bama

I knew we were in trouble when the refs let them play early in the 1st half. I believe the Gators got 5 offensive rebounds on the 1st possession. Many think we were lucky to be tied at the half, but I disagree... we should've had a double digit lead with the way Florida was shooting.

Box score

Mitchell put up 8 points (I believe) in the 1st half to get us to the halftime tie, but it was more the poor Gator shooting that allowed us to stick with them at the half. We had our chances, but kept turning the ball over again and again. I believe at one point we had more turnovers (10) than points (8). You're not going to win on the road doing that.

The 2nd half was an abortion. Macklin completely dominated the paint, Parsons and Boynton lit us up outside and Tyus helped clean the boards as our big men looked more like 6'0" guards out there.

The lone bright spot was Releford. His dribble drive accounted for a bulk of our 2nd half points. Green was 5-20 from the field, Hines and Steele were non-factors, and Davis continued to hone his skills as a road mason. Mitchell had a double-double, but fizzled in the 2nd half as he didn't do a good job of blocking out on the boards (same can be said for Hines and Green).

A non-blowout loss wouldn't have hurt, but getting run out of the gym does. Coming into this game I felt at 12-4 we are in the tournament, but the last 2 games (especially this one) leaves a lasting impression and I'm not so sure now. We HAVE to beat UGA Saturday (and they need the win too) then one in the SEC Tournament to make it IMO.

DJC was crazy enough to attend this game so I'll be interested to read his interpretation of the game and the jort wearing fanbase in Gainesville.


Nick said...

The 2nd half looked like Gottfried was coaching. No defense, no rebounding.

Teams know how to beat us. They don't even care if we take wide open three's.

Nick said...

The 2nd half looked like Gottfried was coaching. No defense, no rebounding.

Teams know how to beat us. They don't even care if we take wide open three's.

UA Basketball Fan from north Alabama said...

Imagine how good Alabama will be with a consistent threat in scoring from the outside and being a stronger force on Offense.

Especially if Trevor Lacy will sign with Alabama, the Crimson Tide will become the TOP program in the SEC. Lacy would have his fellow Alabamians from Huntsville to Mobile, and all over the state, cheering for him as Alabama aims for Championships.

Next season we'll see greater strength in the paint. Plus, we'll have a greater threat from the 3point line, if Lacy will send Coach Grant his signature. ROLL TIDE!

Finebammer said...

Two things going on here. As I asserted before, this team is just worn down.

Two, there's just not enough talent offensively and overall to do what I think grant's trying to do. That's not a criticism of anyone, right now we just don't have a bench.

I've been rather surprised in how the fan base has accepted and responded to grant. The outreach to the students has made a difference in Coleman and the fans have glommed on to that. How different things might be in a new arena with fewer seats and better viewing angles.

But I digress. This offseason is going to be interesting. Can grant step up the recruiting another notch?? I think grant's a serious coach. Can he get some serious talent in here?

But for now beat UGA. Finish the home schedule for the fans. I'll believe this team gets an at-large when I see it. Frankly, i just don't know we deserve one. We hung on by the skin of our teeth to beat a weak (by Kentucky standards) Kentucky team at home and a wounded UT team on the road. That's it.

With that said, win the tournament. We're in deserving or not.

But don't be surprised when we're paired against a big east team and get our heads handed to us.

Alias said...

FB, you and I are agreeing more and more this year. In addition to your observation that the team is wearing down, I think they also have played well above their abilities for most of the season.

I believe Coach Grant already has signed a top 15 class for next year, and that includes one three point specialist. If he can persuade Trevor Lacy to play for the Tide, then we might have a top 10 class. That would be excellent.