Saturday, March 05, 2011

UNDEFEATED (at home). Charvez Davis finds stroke, beat Dawgs 65-57

Box score

Again we started off slow, letting UGA build a 8 point lead early. Then during the broadcast, SEC Network switches to ESPNU and lacrosse highlights. LACROSSEE HIGHLIGHTS! Then some CBB highlights. After a frantic 3 minutes they return to our game and we are now tied at 13. A blessing I guess.

Trey Thompkins played, but was clearly hobbled as he wasn't much of a force on the defensive side. He still put in 15 points, but we did a good job limiting his looks.

Charvez went 5-10 from 3 point range. You could tell by his 1st shot that he was gong to have a good day shooting. The key IMO was him stepping in and hitting a 15ft shot. It seemed to get him rolling. Green has a quiet 17 points... most in the 1st half and did a great job on the defensive side. Mitchell didn't get going until the 2nd half... ended up with 13 points.

Once we built the lead to 6 we never let UGA retake the lead (from memory). A few times they got within a bucket, but each time we responded with a basket. Our big men (Hines and Green) played pretty much 30 minutes in foul trouble with Hines fouling out with around 7 minutes to play in the 2nd half. The ovation he got was great. Hines laid it all on the line every game and easily made this team much better by his presence.

So we end the regular season 20-10 and 12-4 in the SEC. I thought we'd be 15-15 and 6-10. After St Thomas I was thinking I was optimistic. Coach Grant and his staff have done an amazing mid season turnaround. I doubt you can find a team that lacks size and shooters that can win 20 games in college basketball.

Next up... well we play Friday against the VU/UGA vs Auburn winner. Should be fun... and I plan on attending.


Alias said...

I hope DJC posts come comments and pictures later today. I was too shouting at officials to get a very good feel for what was going on during the game. None of our players could hit a basket, even during the layup portion, of the official team warm up. We looked sluggish at the start of both halves. We again missed way too many layups and short shots during the game. I guess our defense must be really good to keep UGA in check that way.

During the post-game show, Carvez said the coaches showed him video of all of his made and missed shots. The key was whether or not he followed through so he worked on that all week. Please keep it up Charvez, but what took them so long to get to that video assignment?

finebammer said...

while 'bama did nothing more than what it was supposed to do, (defend home court) an interesting trend continues:

jamychal green sits down with his fourth foul and alabama stretches it's lead from 4 or 5 in the second half to 11. that is teammates stepping up to fill the void.

my favorite part of the game was AFTER the game, coach grant thanking the fans for their participation.

i've said before it will be interesting to see where grant takes our recruiting.

more interesting will be what the university does to help. i've said for years the only reason we don't have a championship caliber basketball program is because those in power down there don't want one. i've also said if you build it they will come. this season is proof positive of what i've said. look at how the fans have reacted. understand that they're not stupid. they know we've done what we have in a down conference year. yet they've shown up anyway and played a part unlike any season i've witnessed in some time.

imagine how it can be if the university works WITH grant to up the ante.

i look forward to the day when expectations of the basketball program rival those of the football side. call it pie in the sky. but it CAN HAPPEN IF THE UNIVERSITY WANTS IT.

as my old high school football coach used to tell (scream at) us during the sweltering heat of august practice, "you gotta want it!"

Alias said...

Good thoughts, FB. Coach Grant has said that Coach Saban is committed to helping the University build championship programs in all of its sports, much like Florida has done. I sure hope they follow through on that.