Saturday, April 16, 2011

As we expected, Kendall Durant and Jason Carter not returning to Alabama

No shock at this. I wish them well wherever they end up. I know we only saw a glimpse of Durant, but I kinda wish he was around next year. He seems to have a decent outside jumper... something we sorely lack. I don't have a feeling about Carter one way or another.

That puts us right now with 7 scholarship players... and I think another one of those ends up moving on.



MSmilie said...

Yep, not surprising. I hate to see guys transfer out, but it's an unfortunate part of the game.

Durant did have a nice jump shot. I wonder if his departure says anything about Trevor Lacey's forthcoming decision?

It's possible Jason Carter would not have been recruited by the coaches if Knox and Jemison had not transferred out. The fact he couldn't crack the rotation with the lack of frontcourt depth says a lot.

One thing seems certain: Lacey or no Lacey, the coaches obviously are looking to add some more piece during the spring period.

Not sure if we will see any more departures. I hope we don't. I like the guys we have. Hankerson and Engstrom didn't play a ton of minutes, but they played more down the stretch. I don't think Grant would give minutes to guys he didn't expect to be back.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that Ben Eblen would benefit greatly from playing time at a Division II school or at a school from one of the conferences with the lowest RPI-ratings so that he can develop some offensive skills. This would also help him reduce his rate of turnovers, and improve his three-point shooting percentage, which a 0% this past season, and improve his free-throw shooting percentage, which was less than 50% also this past season.

MSmilie said...

I think it would be in Ben's best interests to allow a great coaching staff like the one he currently plays for to help develop his offensive game.

Anonymous said...

Allowing the great Coaching Staff at UA would greatly benefit ME, too !

......but you wouldn't want me playing on the team ! ! !

(I assure you)

MSmilie said...

Dude, there is very little I would want from you.

All I'm saying to you is leave the kid alone. He goes out there and busts his ass to be the best he can be. If that's not good enough for you, tough shit. Who are you again?

Anonymous said...

For the record, the above anonymous is not me.