Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mark Gottfried to NC State official

Saw a few rumors on the net (ACC blogs, TI, google searches) about this. Man... NC State again has gone to their 8th choice. My feelings about xCMG are known on here so I'll leave it at that.

EDIT- link

I caught some of the press conference cause I like to watch train wrecks.... and it was as NC State's AD Yow took some swipes at her former employee Gary Williams (Maryland HC) saying he sabotaged the search. I'm sure Mark loved that... he was hired 'cause Gary Williams sabotaged the coaching searchand Gottfried was the best NC State could get due to this.

I have a feeling the NC State/Maryland game is going to be fun to watch next season.


NB said...

My Name is Nathan (Nino)
I write for an ACC fan blog, www.theesportsblog.com.
We, of course, have been covering the on-going NC State coaching search. Just wondering what the thoughts of Bama fans are of Mike Gottfried? I could email you a question or two..we would love to run it on our blog.
let me know. Thanks.


Finebammer said...

It's truly revealing in this situation the depths of disgust a hire of desperation wil send you to.

Think about it. Mark Gottfried now holds the position Coach Valvano once held.

Another sign of the apocalypse.

bobbyjack said...


email is bamahoops@comcast.net. Ask away. I'll try to get some collaboration as our views of Gottfried are mixed.


NC St once again went to plan H on their coaching search.

Finebammer said...

Do you guys think it was the spray on tan that put Gottfried over the top???

bobbyjack said...

I think it was the gold chains he borrowed from Shula.

Finebammer said...

I'm currently listening to Tim brando laud yow's hire of gottfried and he's been a gottfried apologist for years so what he's saying today comes as no surprise.

It's just tough to understand him with gottfried's dick in his mouth.

finebammer said...


The commenters are being pretty rough on these guys but I have a source that tells me they heard an early rumor that gottfried was being considered for the nc state job.

MSmilie said...

Here is a link to the presser in case anyone is interested. Believe it or not, he actually drags out the old Ron Steele excuse for some of his struggles.

Debbie Yow has now pinned her employment future on Mark Gottfried. Good luck, Debbie.

MSmilie said...

And the link is: http://www.gopack.com/allaccess/?media=240568

BamaLib said...

After every future loss of NC State with Coach Gottfried, you will hear him say how proud he is of his players and how he loves them so much. You will sometimes hear him say that he claims all the responsibility for a loss, but somehow he will contradict himself when says that the players will need to "find a way to win" (presumably on their own and without his guidance.)

Coach Gottfried will improve NC State's graduation rate for its basketball team, and he may be able to bring in some quality local recruits. I don't think he ever trusts bench players and tries to play the same starters until they foul out. But because Coach Gottfried believes that Players must find their own way to victory, I honestly wouldn't expect much improvement beyond Coach Lowe's record at NCSU.

MSmilie said...

I disagree. I think he will improve on what Lowe did....not that he did very much. It's a safe hire because Gottfried is probably eager to prove himself after his ouster at Alabama. Has he learned anything about himself as a coach after being out of the profession for two years? That's the question. If he's the same coach he was at Alabama, the ACC will eat him up quickly.

I'm going to give the guy the benefit of a doubt for now. That's not saying I think he can build a sustainable championship program, but I don't think it's going to be the train wreck others see it as.

bobbyjack said...

It's not going to be a train wreck as he's a mediocre coach (proven) and like Mitch said he's better than Lowe. Still, NC St once again swung and missed (repeatedly) and ended up with Plan H. Funny as that's how they ended up with Lowe the last go-around.

Anonymous said...

You bubbas are genius. Gottfried played on some of the best teams in Alabama basketball history. Coached Alabama to Five consecutive NCAA tourneys. Elite 8. #1 ranking. 100% graduation rate after the mediocrity of Dave Hobbs. Turned down several good offers from "basketball" schools bc of his loyalty to his alma mater (and stayed too long).

You've likely jacked to girls uglier than he had an affair with. You wish you lived on the beach so you could keep your tan. And you only dream about being worth 1.2 million dollars to your employer.

New coach goes to NIT with Gottfried's recruits and you're ready to put him in the Bama hall of fame.

Not welcome back on campus? You've got to be kidding?

Gottfried has to be laughing out loud.

MSmilie said...

Who cares what teams he played on. Sidney Lowe played on a national championship team and what did that mean for his coaching success? Man, you're an idiot.

You obviously didn't do your homework so let me dig a little deeper for you.

He went to five straight NCAA tournaments, true, but did not make it past the first weekend except once. And that one time he did was the Elite Eight run. However, that team finished the regular season 17-12, barely made it into the tournament, and only got past the first round thanks to a buzzer beating shot to win. The run was impressive, but virtually little else that team did that season was.

The one thing you get right is the graduation rate, but please tell me who these basketball schools are that were courting Gottfried. What he did was put his name out there in an effort to persuade the athletic department to pay his sorry ass more money, which they stupidly did. He didn't stay too long; the university allowed the program to be mediocre too long.

Uh, Anthony Grant went to the NIT final with kids (JaMychal Green and Andrew Steele) who didn't play a full season under Gottfried, other kids who never played for him (Tony Mitchell, Chris Hines and Charvex Davis) and a Grant recruit who was one of the best freshmen in the country (Trevor Releford). Ask Shaka Smart how well Anthony Grant rectuits.

Don't come here moron unless you know what the hell you're talking about.

bobbyjack said...

Lulz. Bravo.

DJC said...

Here is my take on Gottfried. He took over a really bad situation and turned the program around. He was nowhere near Wimp or CM's level, but he was MUCH better than Hobbs. Some of his accomplishments here are a little overstated, as M points out above.

We had a lot of momentum after the Elite 8 run but just never took it to the next level. There are a lot of theories as to why. Some say after the Elite 8 he lost his motivation, having taken the team farther than anybody else in its history, he had a sense of accomplishment and entitlement. Others say when we hired Saban and he was no longer the highest paid man on campus, it chapped his ass and he quit coaching. There was some turnover with the staff, and many feel the lack of good assistants his last few years was a major factor. He definitely had some bad "luck" with transfers and injuries. Finally, there are the rumors regarding his personal life and affairs distracting him from his job. Personally, I don't care who he was screwing, as long as it's not affecting his ability to do his job.

Who knows what the real reason was, but nobody can deny that he did not perform up to standards and the program regressed following the Elite 8 run. It may have been some combination of those things or something else entirely. I do appreciate him for what he accomplished.

However, his act got old in the final season. The same comments after every blowout loss, and blaming the fans, etc. I would still wish him well except for the fact that he went out of his way to discredit Alabama in his role as a commentator this year. Lobbying for Billy Donovan for Coach of the Year over Grant and emphatically arguing that UGA deserved to be in the NCAA tournament after we beat them twice just illustrates his bitterness.

I don't wish him ill, but I'm not going to be pulling for him either. I doubt he will have a tremendous amount of success running the high post in the ACC, but maybe he's learned from his mistakes.