Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post-season grades- Forwards and Centers

Actually had most of this typed up 2 weeks ago, but never got around to finishing... until now.

Jason Carter gets a D. This has no reflection on him transferring as it's probably in his best interest, but from the couple of times I saw him on the court. For a big guy, shooting 25% on the season (albeit 6/24) is not what you want. It's obvious he's got some work to do in the offseason. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

Tomy Mitchell gets a B+. He missed out on an A for his chronic pouting when he wasn't scoring. When he was interested he was dominant... throwing down dunks like I did at the 8 foot elementary school rims. His 3 point shooting improved during the season and I look for that to be even more consistent next season.

Carl Engstrom gets a C-. He's obviously raw... looked confused out there early in the season (Paradise Jam), but toward the end when he logged some minutes proved to be decent defensive presence. His offense has a long ways to go, but I think there is hope for him.

JaMychal Green gets an A-. While he struggled early the truth is without him we don't sniff .500 in the SEC. He stepped up as a team leader, was clearly our main inside threat, and played pretty good defense. My gripe... him taking the ball to the baseline. He had quite a few calls go against him, stepped out of bounds, or turned the ball over on the double team.

Chris Hines gets an B+. He maxed out every night... did the dirty work on the boards, played stellar D, and was a vocal team leader. His offensive skills got better during the year.

Charles Hankerson gets a C. Most of this is not his fault as IMO he should've seen more PT. He seems to have a semi decent jump shot, plays hard defensively, and most importantly seems to be a team player. He was often one of the first guys to high five his teammates during an opposing team's time out to stop a run.

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